Sunday, October 10, 2010


It's Thanksgiving weekend for us northern folks.

I've never been a giant Thanksgiving fan. Chicken may be my favorite food but turkey doesn't fall into that category for me, I don't feel the same love for it (though I'll admit I love the smell of it cooking)
It just seems like a lot of work for a dinner for what is otherwise a meaningless holiday. We're not farmers, we don't harvest our crop now (wait - I do still have a few tomatoes and hot peppers out there) and while we do go around the table talking about what we're thankful for it's not a religious holiday. If it weren't for it originating long ago when farmers were celebrating a successful season and the fruits of their labours I would think Thanksgiving was just as contrived as Valentine's Day. (and I'm a little surprised that Hallmark hasn't sunk their claws into this weekend more)

But - it is what it is. A day off work tomorrow, an excuse to have a big family meal and a reason to pause and reflect on the many gifts we've been blessed with.

A few years ago while going around the table, telling each other what we were thankful for, my Dad said "I'm just glad to be here for another year" Foreboding since it was his last Thanksgiving with us.

So - in the spirit of cheesiness and all that mush, I'm going to tell you all what I'm thankful for this year.

I'm thankful for the obvious - my family - both immediate and extended. As the years have gone on I have built new bonds with with my family, not just my mom and brothers but with my sisters in law, my cousins, aunts and uncles. Family is important, they're your roots and without them, you're nothing.
As a side note to this, I'm thankful I don't have any sisters. I've always wished for a sister but I think if I had one I wouldn't appreciate my sisters in law as much as I do. And I like my sisters in law (which I'm lucky for because I know so many people who hate theirs) So I might be short a biological sister but I've got the next best thing.

I'm thankful for my job - but I'm going to take it a step further and say I'm thankful that I was placed at the school I was placed at....because I think that's that big factor in how much I love my job. I like the staff. And for the most part I feel like an equal (there are a few or two staff members who I get a cold shoulder from but I figure meh, their loss)

I'm thankful for the support I've received from so many people with my Papa's Pride venture and the Relay for Life. It might sounds trivial to some - even those who've lost someone to cancer - but this makes me feel like my Dad won't be forgotten. His passing won't be in vain.

And in the words of my Dad....I'm thankful to be here another year - because everyday, good or
bad, rain or shine, is a gift.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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