Sunday, October 3, 2010

This and That

It's been an interesting couple of days, to say the least.

I took my first day off work on Friday. I woke up in the wee hours of Friday morning feeling horribly sick and finally at 5:30 am decided I wasn't going to attempt a stressful work day feeling the way I did. So I stayed home. And just to add an underline to this point, I sent Connor to daycare.

For those who've followed me closely, or know me well, this is a big thing. I am one of those people who are hugely against kids being sent to daycare when Mom or Dad are at home (for reference purposes, I mean children who go to daycare full time because Mom and Dad work - I don't mean kids of SAHM/D's who go a couple of times a week for the socialization aspects of it) If Mom or Dad is home, I'm a strong believer that the children should be too.
But - I felt THAT bad. I was going to keep him home but my mom talked me into sending him and even dropped him off for me.

So I tried to sleep. Unfortunately I've not received the gift of being able to nap in the daytime. It's rare that I can. I just can't shut my brain off in the day. I did manage to doze but each time I did, the phone would ring. (I know, turn the phone off - but then I worry the daycare or the girls school could be calling)

So Sean called periodically to check in. My coworker called to update me on the struggles of the day and my Principal called to see "if you're out partying".

By Friday evening I was exhausted and achy but the nausea was gone. And Saturday morning I was more or less back to myself.

Saturday was a whole new adventure. I took Emily and her best friend to the Eaton Centre for her birthday shopping trip. She had $180 to spend. She was coveting clothes from Hollister, tna, Bench and lululemon.

I've remarked before at her ability to be so incredibly frugal when it's her own money and be able to blow $200 in 20 minutes if it's my money. She proved this point again.
She didn't pay over $30 for anything (good girl!) She went right to the sale racks (good girl) and while she would have loved to buy a Bench jacket she couldn't see spending $130 on one thing.(smart girl) We had lunch at Mr. Greenjeans which is a requirement when shopping at the Eaton Centre and we came home.

We had our Papa's Pride Facebook draw. The winner was my old friend Nisha.
My little campaign worked to a small extent, I did get a few new "likes."
I think now my focus will be getting a lot of bags done so that when we're at the Relay for Life in June I'll have enough to get a vendor site. I'll also print out a stack of greeting cards to sell there. Hopefully in the meantime we'll get a few sales online too.

I plan to really ramp up my 'harassment for donations' campaign in April. That will give me two full months of begging and pleading everyone I know to donate. I set my goal high this year - double what we made last year. Sean thinks it's too lofty. I hope to prove him wrong.

So that's it in a nutshell. I've got a busy week ahead - curriculum night at school, gymnastics, Connor's party (I got 4 RSVP's yesterday so I've heard from almost everyone) and cards with some friends.

Happy October!

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