Friday, October 22, 2010

Sometimes you just need to belt one out

The other morning on my way to work I was listening to the radio. In the mornings I switch between the all news channel (for commuter traffic) the classic rock station, the current pop station and, if I'm really needing to let some aggressions out, my Eminem CD.

So this particular morning I'm listening to the classic rock station. The were talking about the 12 worst board games of all time.
Normally I can't tolerate the inane chatter of the DJ's on this station for longer than a nanosecond - they spend more time laughing at their own jokes which would be fine if they were funny. More often then not though, I fail to see the humor (and I *get* jokes)

But - I had to hear about the worst games. Click the link, see the games and then come back. (promise you'll come back...don't just ditch me mid blog...)

So, they were talking about the game Fingers Harry. Now depending on your particular flavour of humor there are several places you could go with that one. Obviously being radio they had to keep it somewhat family friendly but it just struck me funny when the woman DJ said "Well, I want to know who gets to be Harry first?" This led them into a whole spiel which I won't bore you with because it won't translate as funny but at the time, I was laughing so freakin' hard in my car that I was crying. It was genuine, pee your pants laughing.

Being that I was stuck in traffic and not moving people are sitting in their cars all around me. A lady looked over at me and I looked at her, barely able to keep my eyes open because I'm laughing so hard and I guess it was contagious because she started to laugh too.

Of course, them I'm embarrassed. I realize everyone can see me. I must look like a yutz laughing my ass off (yep, I typed the whole damn LMAO - that's how funny it was) My mascara is running. I've got tear trails in my foundation....I was a mess. But I was happy.

On the way home that night, I was thinking about it again, not so much the joke but the fact that everyone around me could see me in my car.
This got me to thinking about singing in the car.

If I looked ridiculous laughing then I wondered how I must look when I'm singing. Admit it, you do it. We all do it. You turn up your favorite tune and started belting it out. Maybe drumming on the wheel. Maybe seat dancing.

No sooner do I think this then slightly ahead of me to my right is a car. I see a guy bouncing around in it. I pull up closer and I see this guy bopping back and forth, going completely Neil Peart on his steering wheel and though I couldn't hear him judging by how wide his mouth was opening this guy was singing at the top of his lungs.

And he looked completely idiotic. But he looked happy.

Sometimes you just gotta say 'screw it'. Don't worry about who's looking into your car or about how stupid you look (cause I gotta tell you - I don't care if you're Beyonce - if you're singing in the car - the people in the other cars can't hear you just look stupid) 

Sometimes you just need to turn that music up loud and belt one out

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  1. Too funny! I'm the best (or would it be worse?) seat dancer ever! I live in my own head anyway so then I get singing and bopping