Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's all about perspective

I'm compensating for my lack of posts during the week by giving you double and triple posts on this stuff comes into my head and I think hmmm, I should blog that.

Yesterday when I took Em shopping I stopped into the Coach store.

I am by no means a label whore. Mostly because I simply can't afford those finer things but there's more to it that that....I don't really get it.

I have several friends who own one (or multiple) Coach purses and yes, I'll admit they are really nice looking bags. What I have trouble wrapping my mind around is paying $500 for one.

I saw a really lovely purse in the store. It looked something like this (it wasn't this one but similar) It was $475.

The purse I carry is this one.

Sure, part of that is because I made it and it's for charity (yes, I paid the $20 for it) and I can't very well expect people to buy them if I won't carry one myself. But, even before the birth of Papa's Pride I was carrying $20 purses from WalMart or Bentley.

So while I looked at this purse, I wondered to myself.....what does it do? Does it come with something? A diamond ring? A little laptop? Keys to a car? Why is this purse - that is no bigger than the one I carry - so obscenely expensive?

Just for arguement sake - an iPhone or a Blackberry are more expensive than my crappy little Samsung Gravity phone because, well, mine is just a phone. Okay, it has a camera and a slide out qwerty keyboard but really, it's just a phone. And an iPhone or Blackberry - well, they're so much more.

So referring to that above point, I ask again....what does a Coach bag do? It's made of fine leather. It has a Coach label. But at the end of the's still a purse right? It still holds your keys, your eyeliner and your tampons right? Just with a little more style.

I'm certainly not knocking anyone who has one (or mulitple) Coach bags. You work for your money, spend it how you want. I'm sure there are people out there who don't understand why I covet big fancy SLR cameras and lenses when their Kodak point and shoot works just as well (granted there is a difference in picture quality) or why, given the chance, I'd be driving a Dodge Charger SRT8 in Hemi orange

when my 'mom-mobile' minivan works just fine.

And I realize I just answered my own question right there. Because yeah, my Montana SV6 gets my from A to B in a safe and timely fashion.....but I'd look a hell of a lot hotter getting there in a Charger.
Better start saving my pennies....the Coach bag of cars is waiting for me!

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