Friday, September 4, 2009

Jonas Brothers

It's funny how three full days away from my computer feels like a lifetime when I'm used to being on it three or four times a day.

So let me fill you in.
On Sunday night we took the girls to the Jonas Brothers concert at the Rogers Centre. I'll admit, I was not totally looking forward to going. I know their songs (I have to listen to them enough) but I wasn't too enthused about an evening with them. But I'll tell you, those boys sure know how to put on a show. Once you waded through all the crap (3 opening acts - it was just too much) and they came on really was something to see. I've been to a lot of concerts in my day and I wasn't expecting much considering their fan base and their combined age still being younger than me (okay, not really but you know what I mean - they're puppies) They had had the full package; lasers, fog machines, rising platforms, hoses to spray down their panting tween girl fans, a nifty insert in the middle of the stage that brought up everything from a piano to a complete brass section to a trampoline insert. And just to make it more exciting for the kids, they had Demi Lovato appear as a special guest for one song. I thought Emily was going to burst at the seams.
All this...and they actually sing at their concerts. And they actually sound good doing it.

And while the show was great, the highlight for me was when we were leaving. We had promised the girls a souvenir of the concert. When we were heading up the Skywalk a vendor was selling the unofficial shirts for $20. He said inside they were $45. We passed on the shirts, headed in and sure enough they were $45. So we told the girls they could get a program and Mary got a blinkie flashlight Jonas Brothers necklace thing. (And those together cost $35!!)
So on our way out we're headed back to the train station and a vendor passes us again and says "T-shirts, $15" as he walks by. I looked over at him and said "I'll give you $5"
He stopped and said "Okay" I love a bargain!

So for the bargain price of $10 I got both girls a shirt while yahoos inside paid $45 each. Heehee!

So that was the start of the vacation. I'll write more about our trip to the trailer but for now I need to take a break. I've missed my computer but my fingers are cramping.

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