Sunday, September 6, 2009

I swear I'm a good Mom!

I promised a little bit about our trip to the trailer.

We went here. We went there last year and it was new experience for us. Normally we either go tent camping or stay in hotels. This was like the best of both worlds. This year we brought my mom with us. We didn't want her spending a week alone in the house so soon after my dad's death. She's been having a hard enough time as it is and leaving her for a week would have done her in.

I have to start by saying that for the crappy summer we had weather wise, we hit the jackpot last week. Nothing but sunshine and 24+ degrees the whole week. We spent all day either at the beaches or in the pools. Of course there was the obligatory arcade visit in which we collectively dropped $50 to win a total of $5 in prizes (two dollar store stuffies and a Go Diego Go hackysack.
The girls also did the bungee trampoline. This is where they fit you into a harness that is attached to bungee cords based on your weight and then you jump on a trampoline (actually the operators of the ride pull you down and bounce on the trampoline at the same time so you shoot into the air)
Mary was not even heavy enough to put enough resistance on the bungee cords to actually touch the trampoline at all. Emily tried with all her might to do a back flip but just couldn't get all the way over.

Every night at 7 in the activity centre they held chocolate bar bingo. 2 chocolate bars buys you a card and there are 5 games with prizes ranging from 5 to 60 chocolate bars. In between games they do a "choco - latte" dance and the hosts whip chocolate bars out to the kids. (Think shark feeding frenzy...and Nana was right in there shoving kids aside to get bars for Em and Mary. Okay, not shoving but she made sure the girls got at least one bar each!)
We didn't win anything but it gave the girls a fun night out while Sean got Connor to bed.

And now, on to my quality parenting.
After chocolate bingo one night we headed back to have a campfire and roast marshmallows. We're all gathered around the fire, our neighbours, two trailers over are also gathered around their pit. I'm just about to take some pictures when I hear "Excuse me. EXCUSE ME! There is a SKUNK coming your way!" I look toward the neighbours trailer and sure enough there is little Pepe LePieu headed our way. Sean and I both jumped up and took off toward the door of our trailer......leaving the girls and my mom sitting there, stunned by the fire. The skunk ran under the fence and was gone.

Then it hit me. The chips were down. We were face to face with a skunk and what did I do? I abandoned my kids in favor of keeping myself stink free. I left them sitting there next to the skunk while I took off to safety. (Mind you, I expected them to have the sense to run away also...their reflexes just aren't as quick)

It's not as bad as it sounds, in actual fact the skunk was about 15 feet away and while I know that he could have easily sprayed that far, I also know skunks only spray when they absolutely must. He had plenty of escape options and likely didn't feel too threatened.

All that aside, it was a fantastic week but I am thrilled to be home. A 12 x 40 ft trailer and 6 people can get crowded. And we don't run into as many skunks here.

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