Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Papa's coat

A few years ago, for Christmas, we bought my dad a coat. It was a blue lumber jack jacket that was lined. It was specifically for him to wear in the garage. My dad smoked in the garage and it was cold out there in the winter. He also liked to tinker with the cars (he wasn't physcially able to fix them anymore but tinker he could still do) and he wore his coat for that too. We called it his garage coat.

As Connor got older and started talking one of the 'games' he would play with my dad was the put on your coat game. My dad would come upstairs to head out to the garage. Connor would tell him 'tote' (coat) and my dad would say "I have to put on my coat? Okay" Sometimes, if Connor was in his high chair he'd tell Connor to come help him get his coat off the hook.

When my dad got sick, he told my mom one day that she'd have to take his garage coat, wash all the smoke out of it and save it for Connor. Well, my mom did one step better. She took the coat apart and made one for Connor with it. I thought she was going to save it for his birthday but she surprised me with it this morning.

I love it. And even though the material is worn and the ribbing doesn't have much stretch left, it's the best coat there ever was. It's Papa's garage coat. And now it's Connors.

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  1. I love it and I think it was such an amazing idea! It is something that you (and Connor) will treasure for years...even after he has outgrown it! I'm so happy that he has something that was a part of his Papa :) Your Mom did a great job with it!