Monday, September 28, 2009

A bundles of nerves.

I'm really not a confrontational person but when I feel strongly about something I face it head on. It isn't without stress though.

I have a little guy in the daycare who's having a lot of trouble adjusting. He cries a lot and is genuinely unhappy. That's not my big concern though because I can work with that, I can get him more comfortable with us and I am seeing progress there.
But the sleep issue, oh my! He was asked to leave his other daycare because he didn't sleep (I should mention, he's only 15 months old) I am too stubborn to give up that easily but I've discovered that he doesn't actually need to be at daycare, he's more here for the socialization aspects. I think that's great but if it's the case why cause undo stress on him (and me) by leaving him here for (non) nap time to scream and cry. Send him half days and pick him up after lunch. He socializes but benefits from having a good sleep at home, where he's comfortable.

I reached the end of my rope on Thursday when he cried for 2 1/2 hours and didn't sleep at all and called dad to pick him up an hour early so that he could go home and sleep. I emailed his parents on Friday and put forth the part time suggestion to them, told them to think about it and talk to me today.
Well, it's today and Mom is coming over this morning to talk with me.
And now I'm a bundle of nerves. I don't want her to be angry or upset. I am genuinely interested in the best interests of her son, as I'm sure she is, I just wonder if we are on the same page on how to achieve that.
In a perfect world my suggestion will have been met with a positive attitude and we can move forward.
Worst case scenario, mom blows her haystack and pulls her son out and encourages her friend (another client) to pull her daughter out. Then I'm screwed.

I guess I'll know by 9:15. Wish me luck.

I went to a workshop on Saturday at school, it's part of a series of workshops for opening your own childcare centre.
It was very informative but I was really surprised at a few things. There were several people in my class who were not childcare professionals who were interested in opening daycares.
I realize that it's a business and not every centre is owned by a childcare professional but I wonder if that should really be allowed. At the beginning of the class we went around the room introducing ourselves and telling why we were taking the class. There was a very obvious division. Those of us who were childcare professionals talked about how we'd worked in this place or that and that we wanted to open a centre that could offer what we individually felt was the best possible care.
The people who were not childcare professionals talked about how daycare was a goldmine and that was why they opened.

In light of this, I suspect that if I looked at commercial centres and their owners I would find that most of the ones with the reputation of being stingy would be owned by non childcare professionals whereas the ones owned by childcare professionals might not be so much so. Something to think about.

The girls have got their Halloween costumes already. (yep, already) Mary Jo wears hers everyday after school. She's a rock star (which means pink cheetah print pants and a black shirt that says "rock star" on it with a black boa collar.
Emily is also a rock star but hers is more of a punk looking thing with a hat and dress (yes, Emily is wearing a dress - but plans to have black leggings under it)
Still haven't figured out what I'll put Connor in. It will depend on the weather the day of, I'll pick something out of the dress up box for him.

Connor has started swearing like a sailor. He's actually just talking but shirt is 'shit', socks is 'cocks'. The other day my mom and I went to the Samko/Miko toy warehouse and being on the highway we passed a lot of trucks. He used to call them 'bus' but he's since learned they are trucks. So most of the drive was spent with him yelling "ooooh big fuck!" It's cute now but I'm sure when he's 15 and yelling it at me I'm not going to be smiling like this.

And so the day begins.

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  1. How'd the meeting go lady? Hopefully as smooth as possible considering the subject and circumstances.