Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A survey

I'm putting out a little impromptu, informal survey. Just collecting my thoughts and ideas regarding my plans for my future daycare centre.

So for all you random readers, both regular and occasional, please do me a favour and answer some of these questions for me. I know that some answers might be affected by the region you're in but no matter where you are, the common thread is parenting and wanting the best for our kids.
So if you'd be so inclined to answer the following questions and email them to littlechickadee@rogers.com (please put daycare survey in the subject line so I don't mistake unknown email addy's for spam)

Here's what I'd like to know. (These questions are based on the idea that those answering have children (any age at all) however, if you have no children feel free to answer based on how you think you would feel about it when/if you do have kids)

1. What is the more important thing you would look for when choosing a daycare (quality of staff, program, menu, hours, price....anything at all)

2. Would you prefer your daycare to be closer to home or work? What about when your child is older, preparing for school, would it be important to you to have a daycare that was closer to your home school?

3. If your daycare offered extra care/clubs or activities that cost additional money (for instance music lessons for older children) would this be something you'd be interested in and would it lead you to chose that daycare over another that was otherwise equally as good.

4. Would you like your daycare to offer things like 'date night' services or weekend care?

5. Would you be more inclined to chose a daycare that had cameras for parents secure online viewing?

6. Would you prefer a daycare that had indoor gross motor space (a gym) available for the kids use over one that did not?

7. Ideally, what would you feel is a fair fee for full time daycare services (and please include age groups with this)

8. Would you prefer a daycare that supplied food (either with an on sight cook or catering) or a daycare in which you provide all snacks and lunches.

9. If there is anything else you feel is important or something that would make you especially drawn to a daycare, anything at all you'd like to add, please do so.

I'll be interested in hearing the answers that come in.

Thanks a bunch!

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