Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hi out there!

I'm finding all these nifty gadgets to add to my blog while reading other people's blogs. My most recent gadget is the little music thing on the bottom. I wanted to add more songs but I can't figure out how and frankly, I get one hour of quiet at naptime to fit in my lunch, tidying and email checking so I haven't got time to figure it out.
But for what it's worth I suppose a little explaination of the songs is in order. I have 'Halo' by Beyonce on there. I don't have any special reason for it except that I like it and when I was figuring out the music player that was one of the most used songs so it was right there. I have 'Song for Guy' on there by Elton John. I've always really loved the song just because it's a beautiful melody and if you listen at the end he sings very quietly "Life, is a delicate thing" . It now has an even more special meaning for me though because it's the song I used in the video montage of my Dad for his funeral.
I also have 'The Rain Song' on there by Led Zeppelin. Yeah, take me back to my rocker chick days, I know. But if you take the time to really listen to the words of the song, especially the last verse, it really carries a lot of meaning in it. It's always been my favorite song (not just Zeppelin, but altogether) so I had to include it.

Another nifty gadget is that map --------------------->
(I wonder if the arrow is actually pointing at it)

Every now and then I click the map and it shows me where in the world my readers are. Now some, I know - I have some relatives down east who pop in and some of the ladies from FF. But there are some there....I have no idea who they are. Kind of neat really. There was someone from Australia reading the other day. And someone from Spain and another from Germany. (come to think of it, they could be from FF too....)

I think it's kind of cool that I have someone out there reading. I realize most times I'm not really saying much of anything but sometimes even saying nothing can say a lot. So if you're reading for the first time or the 50th time, thanks for reading!

And now, I'm off to do make a new daycare sign for my van (any advertising is good advertising) and I'll add in a little happy dance because despite little screamy man's fit yesterday, I still managed to land a new client! Woohoo!

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