Sunday, September 20, 2009


I exhausted.

We seem to be on a crazy phase and it's killing me.

Connor has learned how to open the doors. This meant going out and buying those door knob things that prevent him from opening the doors. Let's just note that with my other two children (and all the daycare kids that have been through here in 7 years) I have never had to have those on any door except one (because it leads to stairs) But Connors incessant opening and slamming of the doors is wearing on my nerves and he's going to lose a finger. So on Friday we he decided to forgo the nap in favor of opening and closing his bedroom door 500 times I thought it was time.
We're also starting to potty train. I'm not going full force at it but if I catch him mid poop I put him on the potty and beyond that we have seat every half hour or so. Baby steps. He pooped on Friday night but it was with mixed emotions. He cried hysterically when it came out and when I cheered for him he cheered too but he was clapping and saying "Yay" through tears.

Emily is making a bid for a dog. She really wants a dog. She can want one til the cows come home, the simple fact of the matter is, I hate dogs. (well, I like dogs when they are on leashes and in other peoples house) I'm just not a dog person. I'll be crazy cat lady, fill the house with cats, I'll be thrilled, but I will not have a dog.
At any rate I'd said to her "Why in the world would I consider getting you a dog when you don't even take care of the cat?
So every now and then she'll feed the cat. Even better though, she's also helping with chores. She's helped me do the dishes three times now. Of course, I called her on it, asked if it was play for a dog and she said yes. So I reminded her that even if I was going to get her a dog, it wouldn't be until Snickers died and she's only 6 so she's still got a good 8-10 years left in her. Emily then realized by then she'd be almost an adult and could move out and get her own dog.
She hasn't helped me with the dishes since.

Mary got a note sent home from the principal the other day. Apparently she and two of her friends were playing "dog" at recess. One of the boys thought it would be funny to sniff butts, the way dogs do. Needless to say, this 'game' didn't go over too well with the principal.
The thing is, the note only mentioned unacceptable behaviour. I had to fish this out of Mary. She's normally the child who will openly admit that she's done something wrong and will tell you exactly what it was. She's an 'in your face' trouble maker. Well this one, I had so much trouble getting out of her that I had wild thoughts in my head about her playing doctor or swearing or bullying some kid that when she finally told me what it was I had to leave the room to laugh because it was just so ridiculous. Oh, to be 6 again.

I'm counting down this week - only four days of daycare babies and Friday is shopping therapy day.

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