Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bye bye buckies

Wow. My baby is 10. I can't believe it. Okay, so my post is a day late, her birthday was yesterday (that's right, all 9's. She was born 09, 09, 1999) She's grown into quite a girl too. Smart, funny, kind and yep, just enough attitude to remind me that the teen years are fast approaching. I wouldn't trade her for the world and though I know that we've reached the stage where I'm not cool anymore, I'm only useful when she wants me to buy her something or take her somewhere, every now and then I'm still good enough to play a game of Life with or watch a show and eat chicken wings with.

Mary had a big day yesterday too. She lost her other front tooth. Now this wouldn't normally be a huge deal, she's already lost three other teeth but here's the thing...
Mary was a thumb sucker from the time she was 4 months until about 6 months ago. So 6 years of thumb sucking have reshaped shaped her palate and her two top front teeth protruded just a bit. I would secretly call them her "little buckies" (Sean hated me calling them that, though I never said it to her face and I do mean it in an endearing way, they were so stinkin' cute - not nerdy)
So the first top tooth came out and she looked the same because the other one was still there. But then the adult tooth under that one started pushing it to the side, almost like in the middle of her mouth and it was getting longer as it got looser so she started having a 'can opener' look. Still adorable but when she closed her mouth it would still stick out a bit.

Well last night we gave that tooth a yank. And now my baby has no top front teeth and by God she doesn't look like herself at all anymore. She's still adorable but I miss those little buckies.

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