Sunday, August 30, 2009


So many milestones.

Connor said his first swear word. He was looking for his shirt. So we did what we always do when we loose something, we walked around the house calling it. "Shirt....shirt, where are you?" In Connor speak "Shit.....shit, where you?" I could have told him where that was, Mary often forgets to flush.

Emily is turning 10 in 10 days. Double digits. I have mixed emotions about this but as so many mothers before me can attest to, there is nothing I can do to stop my baby from growing up before my eyes.
We gave her her birthday present early. We got her her own phone. It was a long ordeal that involved having the cable company out only to turn them back (we decided to not go with them for the phone) and then the phone company making an appointment and not showing up for it, only to send a repairman the next day despite not having a phone line to repair. But it got installed and Nana bought her her own cordless phone with a built in answering machine (I cheaped out and wasn't paying for call answer) and we called her on her phone during supper. Needless to say we are the best Mom, Dad and Nana in the world (for now)

Mary Jo is going to her first concert tonight. We're going to see the Jonas Brothers at the Rogers Centre. We've got horrible nose bleed seats but that won't matter, it's the experience. She is so smitten with them and I'm sure she's going to have a blast. I just have to remember to pack my earplugs because I'm quite certain 40 000 screaming tweens will be substantially louder than the band themselves.

And then tomorrow we're often to Sherkston Shores for the week. I am very excited, we had such fun last year. Though, I might be jonesing a bit - 5 days with no internet. Now there's another milestone.

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  1. HEHEHE...Nora is calling shorts, 'shits'

    She walks around the house saying 'Nora shits, mommy shits, daddy shits, kitty shits? NO!'

    Cracks me up everytime.