Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthday Belly Dance.

Oh, this is so very blog worthy and if the pics came out at all I am so going to post them!

My birthday is on Thursday (36 - woohoo! That's right, I woohooed. I honestly don't mind getting older)

So my lifelong friend Judy and my new friend Lori took Sean and I out for dinner to a Moroccan restaurant. We've had Moroccan food before and they know Sean and I are pretty adventurous when it comes to trying new foods so they surprised me with a dinner out at this restaurant.

Usually, I'm a regular Boston Pizza, Red Lobster kind of restaurant person. I don't often go places that have an atmosphere to speak of but this place was all atmosphere. It was dark and there were lots of pillows and curtains. The food was outstanding! I've been craving some more Maftoul all day.

But the highlight of the evening was, by far, the entertainment. Halfway through the meal they dim the lights even more, pull back the curtains and a few belly dancers come out and do a show. I've seen belly dancers on TV but never in real life. Those women, damn, all I can say is they must have some serious core strength because it looks hard.
Well, a few minutes into the show the belly dancer came into out tent, pulled Sean up, wrapped a jingly scarf around his waist and taught him to belly dance. It was hysterical! And he was good! We all know Sean can be a good sport, but this really took some guts, belly dancing in front of the whole restaurant.

It really was the best birthday present ever. I had such a blast, the food was fantastic and if Sean ever needs a part time gig, I'm sure he could find a job as a male belly dancer!

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