Thursday, August 6, 2009


I'm feeling closer to the dream (the daycare centre dream) I guess it's because I've registered for school, I managed to get ahold of the lady who I had to prove my ECE qualifications to and I'm now ready to go (nervous as hell, mind you, but ready) My kids keep reminding me that they aren't the only ones who will need back to school supplies this year. I wonder how it would look if I used my Nestle diaper bag backpack as a backpack for school. Maybe I should just buy one. I'm sure that considering my program is a post diploma program that some of my classmates will be more in my age bracket but honestly, a couple of years ago I worked with a girl who was 10 years my junior and though we got along great, I just felt so very old when I talked to her. (Remember those little yellow disks we had to put in the center of a 45 record to get it positioned right on the turntable? Well, she had a shirt that had those on it in rainbow colours. I said to her "Hey, great shirt. I remember those things!" She had no idea what I was talking about. She thought 'those things' were just a nice pattern on her shirt. I quoted a characters catch phrase in a show from the 80's once. She said "Hey, my Dad says that all the time!!" You get the point)
I'm sure I'll get along fine but this is a big leap for me. Doing any type of activity with total strangers without having at least one acquaintance as a safety net is scary. Not an easy task for those as shy as me.

But there's something else too. On the weekend a friend made an offer to me, that if I was interested in a business partner she might be interested in becoming said business partner. This in itself is awesome, awesome, awesome on so many levels. She has experience on the business end, experience I am so desperately lacking. She could, among other things, provide expertise that I simply don't have. And I like the idea of not entering into a business venture alone. Two heads are always better than one. It is certainly something I am going to strongly consider and if her offer was indeed sincere ( I have no reason to believe it wasn't) then I am incredibly excited about the future and my goals because now they seem that much more attainable.

It's nice to feel excited about something again.

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