Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm a singing lettuce, you're a singing lettuce

My children are going to give Weird Al Yankovic a run for his money.

Last year my sister in law gave me a Bob Marley CD (Legend) for my birthday. I'd had a copy before but it was stolen along with 45 other CD's from our car 3 years prior and I just hadn't had a chance to replace it. I was thrilled, I love Bob Marley, so I spent the next month playing it over and over and over every time we go into the car.

One day we were heading out somewhere and listening to Bob. The song was Stir It Up. After the song ended Emily, very seriously said from the back seat "Man, that guy sure likes cereal!"
Well, I'm confused. "Who like cereal?"
"The guy singing the song"
"Why do you say he like cereal?"
"He's singing about it!" (insert her tone here - imagine a 9 year old who thinks her mom is a total idiot - like 'how can you not understand what I'm talking about it's as obvious as the nose on your face!')
"He's singing about it?"
"Yeah, 'Cer-e-al, little darlin' cer-e-al'"

You see, despite my children being raised just km from the the most multicultural city in the world, despite their friends representing so many cultures and lifestyles, Emily has trouble working through Bob's Jamaican accent and "Stir it up" sounded like "cereal" (the song made a whole lot more sense to her when we told her what he was really singing - though she did want to know what she was supposed to be stirring. Cereal perhaps?)

This started a bit of a trend with the girls though and soon every song was not what it was, instead it was all about food.

Last Christmas Sean gave me the Beyonce CD (I am...Sasha Fierce) Mary quickly changed the words for Single Ladies ("All the single ladies, all the single ladies....") has now become "I'm a singing lettuce, you're a singing lettuce" For this one, they even went so far as to make a music video with little bits of lettuce dancing around and submitted it to Breakfast Television for Free For All Friday (it didn't get shown - I reserve the right to be pissed in favor of the crap they did show but that's another blog)
Mary also changed the words to Beyonce's 'Diva', though like the Bob Marley affair it was purely unintentional. The song goes "The diva is the female version of a hustler. We were shopping and she was entertaining Connor with her singing and dancing. I wasn't really paying too much attention but then I heard her "Na na na diva na na na na na of the mustard, of the, of the mustard"

If we can get a Beyonce lunch meat song we might have a nice sandwich.

They sure do keep me entertained. And if Weird Al can make a career out of 'Eat It' and 'Like A Surgeon' then there might be hope for my kids!

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