Friday, August 21, 2009

We're going to the zoo zoo zoo how about you you you

Don't ya just love Raffi?

Today is day 1 of my most fabulous holidays. I am so very tired, it's been a looooooong summer with the kids and I am so looking forward to this 2 week break.

So last night for my birthday my Dad sent me a storm (or so Emily says) For those of you not from these parts we had a nasty storm last night that spawned a few tornadoes. We're not really accustomed to weather like that but global warming seems to be moving tornado alley a little more north than I'm comfortable with.
Thankfully we were fine, it wasn't too bad where we live (though for the first time ever we did prepare with flashlights, battery operated radio and went down into the basement until the storm cleared)

Some places did get hit, including Emily's best friends cottage, where Emily had been invited to for this very week. Thankfully they are all okay as well, just some stitches on the mom and brother but it could have been a bad scene.

Today we went to the zoo.
There is a reason Sean doesn't pack for our outings. He forgets everything. We got to the zoo only to realize that we'd (he'd) forgotten the stroller. Fine, it's only a $5 rental to get one of theirs (and don't get me started on theirs....I LOVE their strollers and would gladly trade them my brand new $300 Joovy Big Caboose for one of their doubles)
But he also forgot the sunscreen. I refuse to pay the zoo $15 for sunscreen so we headed back to a pharmacy to get some.
We headed straight for the splashpad where I saw the cutest thing ever.

There was a little boy in the splashpad, maybe 3 years old. He was running around in his underwear. I'm going to guess that he's new to the world of underpants because he was pretty stinkin' proud of these undies. And the cutest part was, they were Batman underoos and he had them on backward. (because let's face it, you can't see Batman if he's on your butt!) So this little man was running through the splashpad with his Batman underoos on backward having a fine old time. Cute.

Connor managed to get run over by a little girl (purely an accident she slipped, skidded and took him out) but her parents couldn't be bothered to come over and see if he was okay, despite the obvious purple scratch up the side of his face. Whatever!

We went to Stingray Bay. It's a hands on exhibit that lets you touch the stingrays. They have reef sharks there this year as well but they seem to stay in the middle of the water where no one can reach them. I was a little disappointed though. It's a paying exhibit so you go in one door and out another. Connor got a bit restless (he wasn't allowed to touch because they feed the stingrays shrimp and he's restricted from shellfish) so I walked out the back door to get some air. I heard the lady announce that they'd be feeding the stingrays so I went to go back in and the guy wouldn't let me go in (despite me pointing out Sean and the kids still inside) What can I say, a teenager drunk on his power.

It's all good though. I didn't want to smell fishy anyway.

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