Thursday, August 20, 2009

36 wishes

Another year older. Another year better, wiser, more at peace, content, secure, comfortable in my own skin.

I don't mind getting older. It's not like I could change it even if I wanted to so rather than stressing about getting older I've chosen to embrace the wonderful things that come with getting older.

I don't deal with the same social politics I did when I was younger. The truth is, I know who my friends are and who the fly by night friends are. I don't stress myself over my relationships because the people who matter to me like me the way I am and are willing to accept me, faults and all. And my feelings for them are mutual. The rest, well, let's just say if being your friend is hard, chances are, we're not friends.

I don't worry about my appearance anymore. Not to say I walk around in sweats and with my hair all unbrushed and mascara raccoon eyes. I mean I'm not going to bust my ass dieting to be a size 6 because I like food and as long as I'm overall healthy I'm not going to worry about he extra 20 or so pounds I'm carrying. Those pounds are what I have to show for growing three children and quitting smoking. My badge of honour. I forgo the makeup except when I'm going out (out out, not just WalMart out)

I don't worry about pleasing everyone. The simple fact is, you can't please everyone. So you try and please as many people as you can without losing sight of who you are

I am a happier person that I have been in years and despite the stress I sometimes face I am enjoying my life a whole lot more than I ever did before.

But - I still have some birthday wishes.
I'm 36 this year and if I had 36 things to wish for I would but really, I only have a few. They're big ones though so maybe each wish could count as 12 wishes.

I wish for love, strength and peace for all those I care about.
I wish that no one ever has to suffer sadness, loss or pain.
I wish for a year that is stress and drama free.

And a winning lottery ticket wouldn't be too bad either. (okay so that's 37 - one for good luck!)

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