Friday, April 30, 2010

The kindness of strangers

Last year, I don't remember exactly when but I do know it was after my dad got sick, one of the mom's in my Oct/07 Mom's group posted a desperate message. She was in search of an Easter Egg decorating kit. Her mom was sick and the prognosis was not good. This woman wanted nothing more than to be able to see her mom and her kids have an Easter egg hunt together.

I understood the desperation and urgency in her message and being that I have a storage room that would rival Toys R Us, I naturally had an extra Easter egg decorating kit so I sent it out to her that same day.

Her Mom passed away that following September. Since then, we've exchanged a few messages of support, we're in that club that neither of us wants to be in. We've lost a parent to cancer.

Yesterday I got an email from the Canadian Cancer Society letting me know that someone had pledged our team. It was that friend. I was moved and so very appreciative and I made sure to let her know how thankful I was.

Today I got another email saying we'd received another pledge. I didn't know the donor, though the name rang familiar. At first I thought it was a friend of my mom's but then it struck me, the last name was familiar. It was the maiden name of the friend who had pledged us yesterday (which I only know because we are also Facebook friends)
So with a little searching I deduced that this person was either her brother or father.

I sent him an email, giving my most heartfelt thanks. I also emailed my friend to find out exactly who I was thanking.

My friend told me that it was her Dad. He was pledging in support of cancer research and in honour of my Dad because I had taken the time to send that egg decorating kit so that his love could have a moment to pause and smile and make a wonderful memory with her family during such a hard time.

I don't think I can find the words to really express how I feel. I am so beyond grateful but it's even more than that. I am so moved, not only that they have honoured my dad's memory with their donation but that they were touched by what I really felt was a very simple gesture of kindness to someone who needed a lift. I never would have thought that something so small like some food coloring tablets would make such an impact on someones life.

If my friend is reading - again, thank you so much. Not just for the pledge but for making me feel like I did something that impacted someones life in a positive way. And in doing so, you have done the same.

There is no greater gift.

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