Saturday, April 17, 2010

The wait begins

The interview is over and I came out of it feeling somewhat confident. I didn't sound like a bumbling fool. I had an answer for every question. I didn't have to spend time humming and hawing over my answers (thanks to Judy and her sister and their help prepping me!)

The Principal who was part of the interview team (him and and board HR lady) was from one of the schools I'm hoping to be placed in. Emily was baptised at the church affiliated with the school so that was a bonus. He joked that he's hire me based solely on my 'good Irish name'.

Anyhow, I had two stories I held onto to tell. One was about dealing with a conflict with another staff member and the other was in dealing with a behaviour management issue with a child. I was able to use both stories as a direct answer to questions so I was happy about that. And apparently my post diploma studies are an asset at this point too. And despite all my worrying, stressing, anger and frustration, all four of my references came though and were fantastic.

So now the wait begins. I should hear within about month if I've been successful. Fingers, toes, arm and legs crossed.

On another note, I've been stressing about money and getting kids in to the daycare. Well, on Friday my old boss called (one of my references) and asked if I could supply at the daycare for the day. It was a PA day for the kids so I couldn't. But it got me thinking about my current daycare schedule so I've done a little juggling with my toddler schedules and now I have either 2-3 days a week off work in which to spend with Connor OR 2-3 days a week in which I can supply at the daycare I used to work at. Not a a bad deal.

I know at this point I'm putting all my eggs in the school board basket and despite the financial crap I'll continue to deal with if I don't get the job I've got the added humiliation of everyone knowing I've interviewed for this job and then to NOT get it.....yeah, awesome.

I'm sure I've said this about things before but I really want this in a big bad way. And I know it will be a giant adjustment for me (working out of the home and away from my babies again) and it will be an incredibly huge adjustment for the kids (especially if I'm required to work school holidays because that means daycare for them too...) but the opportunity was too good to pass up. And I have to remind myself that I've made a living for the past 15 years off of working parents...and their kids are fine. Mine will be too.

So, now I hope and I wait.

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  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! I hope everything turns out great :)