Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Up, down and running really fast

I sometimes wonder if I have a touch of bipolar disorder. I seem to go up and down so darn quickly. Of course it could just be pms.

In March of 2009 Sean and I went to Vegas to celebrate our 11th anniversary. The month before that my period was a week (exactly 7 days) late. Because of that my period came the next cycle one week early (exactly 7 days) it was like my body self corrected. It also meant that I shared the first child free holiday Sean and I have had since Emily was born with that old Bitch Aunt Flo.
Why am telling you this? Well, last month my period came late again. By exactly 7 days. And guess what, the old bitch is back again, 7 days early.

I know some of you are shaking your head and saying WTF? Why is this woman sharing her menstrual cycle with us? And I know that my FF are nodding their heads and going, yup, I get it.

I just think it's an unusual irony that in my otherwise like clockwork 33 day cycle it gets messed up by a week and then self corrects the next month and it happened twice - exactly one year apart. (insert Twilight Zone music here)

The other day I was at the school waiting to pick up the kids. I was sitting in the van watching the grade 1 kids outside playing and watching some of the grade 5/6 girls come out of their portable to go to the school. And it struck me. Kid's don't walk. Ever.

If I take the kids to the park, they don't walk there, they run the whole way. The only time they stop is at a crossing to wait for me to catch up. Even Connor, now that he can run without falling, doesn't walk anywhere. Of course, when he runs he needs to announce it. "Run, run! I running! Connor run!" Mary and Emily are incapable of walking down the hall, they need to run. (though I've noticed in Emily's old age she runs a little less)
That makes me sad though. It's almost like you can see the end of childhood when they stop running everywhere they go.

Oh, to be that enthused about life that you need to run everywhere because you just can't wait to get there! I have to run to my bedroom to get my pj's on. I need to run to the front door to get my coat. I have to run to the store to get milk. I wish I felt that enthused. These days the only thing I run for is to catch Connor from running away. Though I will run for chicken wings and beer.

On the weekend I put out some daycare flyers around the neighbourhood. I think they've worked a bit. My website has seen a few more hits. I noticed that one of the flyers had all the little tabs ripped off but I suspect it wasn't grateful parents, rather is was some bitterly competitive provider not wanting to share the kids.
I don't get that really. When I first opened my daycare I held an open house. I put signs up all over the place and I noticed in one neighbourhood in particular they all got torn down. Obviously a fellow (I use that word loosely - there is obviously no camaraderie there) provider not wanting potential clients to know.

The thing is, I wouldn't care if I have another daycare provider living right next door. I'm not for everyone and everyone is not for me. And what's more we can only have 5 kids on the roster so when you're full, share the love! (of course there are plenty out there who have more than 5 and I'm so not above reporting them. I might be willing to share parents but I don't abide the illegals)
Anyhow, in the meantime my extreme budget make over is going well for the first week despite the unexpected annual fee on the visa we don't use but keep for emergency and the fact that I forgot that I need to pay my taxes by the end of the month and that we have to feed 20 people on Saturday for Mary's first communion.

Gah - I think I'm going down again.

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