Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's been a big day

Apparently the school board has started calling my references. Can we say yipee!?!?!

I'm trying not to get ahead of myself. They are checking my references, not offering me the job. But if they are going to offer me the job could they do it before 1 pm tomorrow? I am supposed to take Connor to register him for Nursery School for September. The thing is, I'm cheap and don't really want to pay the $20 registration fee if I'm going to have to sign him up for daycare instead. And then there is the anxiety that the daycare won't have a space for him because sending him to daycare will be hard enough but to have to send him to one I don't know (read - one his sisters didn't go to and I worked at) because at the end of the day my profession makes me a very untrusting and critical person and when looking for daycare for Emily I found 50 that sucked and one that didn't. And that's the one I need for Connor.

I think I have an ear infection too. Crap. I feel like shit. I'm dizzy. My ears hurt and I have a lingering cough that's driving me batty. I need to go to the doctor on Monday and get this straightened out.

Our Relay for Life fundraising efforts are starting to pay off. Sean's commitment to shave his head if we reach $1500 is getting things rolling. My brothers are really getting into the spirit now (they want to see him bald) so I'm hoping they will come home with a lot of pledges.
I've also been truly blessed by my October 07 Mommies. (and I know you hear me say this a lot but it's just yet another shining example of why) so many of them have made pledges to our team. It really warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes because, while I know so many people don't get it and think I'm a bit of a nutjob (my own family included) it tells you something about these people, who I've never even met, that are willing to donate $1, $5, $20, not just because it's a worthy cause but because it means so much to me. And it means so much to me that they have. So my mom can roll her eyes and wonder about my sanity when I talk about my 'friends on the internet' but the proof is in the pudding. They are friends...and truer and more dedicated then even some family. And I would (and have) go to the same lengths for them.

Well, big day tomorrow. Barring an exciting job offer phone call my little man is going to be enrolled in Nursery School. I fear he will not like the visit tomorrow - being that it's during naptime and he's not big on strangers. Fingers crossed!!

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