Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dear Penthouse - I'm one satisfied customer

I believe good work should be rewarded. Good customer service is not uncommon but great customer service is hard to find. I've had it 4 times this past week!

So, in the past week I've had a technological meltdown. My computer went on the fritz (again) the cable wasn't working right and then Emily's phone line crapped out.

So we'll start with the computer. We all know the adventure I had with the computer. I wrote about it here. Well, I shipped it out to HP on Monday. On Tuesday they emailed to confirm it has arrived. On Wednesday they called to say they had a backlog and I wouldn't get the computer back until the 29th. I got an email on Thursday saying the computer was fixed and shipped to me and I'd get it on Friday. So - first bit of awesome customer service - someone actually fixed my computer, in a timely fashion, and kept me informed. And I'm on it now and it works great (here's hoping it stays that way this time!)

Second. UPS is supposed to come yesterday afternoon to deliver the computer. Naturally, because there is a 20 min window in which I have to leave the house that is when UPS comes. And I knew it too because I saw a UPS truck around the corner from my house. So I left a note for the UPS guy telling him exactly what time I'd be back and could he please, please wait. Well, he didn't wait, but instead of leaving my package at the store for me to pick up he left me a nice little note saying he'd stop back in 1o min later. And he did. And I was sooooo greatful!

Third. Our cable service has sucked for the past 3 yrs or so. It's partially due to all the splitters that were running through the lines and partially due to stronger signals running through older cables and the cable outside being damaged in a storm last summer. So I finally caved in and called them to come and fix it when my mom's tv signal went caput. (I was worried we'd get in trouble for all the splitters which is why I never called before)
So the cable guy came (he showed up 15 minutes automatically he was in my 'I big puffy heart you' books)
He and Sean took probably 500 feet of old raggedy cable out of the basement ceiling. He then ran 5 lovely brand new lines into the house. Only then did he discover that his efforts were fruitless because of the cable damage outside. So he then had to replace all that (and put up with my asshat neighbour who wouldn't let him into his backyard to run the cable line)
All tolled he spent 7 loooong hours at my house and now all our tv's work great and the picture has never been better. I made a point of emailing Rogers to let them know how fantastic their technician was and how hard he worked (and stayed pleasant the whole time!) and the assurred me they would forward my email to his manager. I hope they do.

Forth. Cable guy had to drill into the house from the outside and in doing so he accidently cut the phone line. We didn't know this until Emily's friend tried calling and the phone just rang and rang and rang and we never heard a thing. So I called Ma Bell to come on out and fix it. Ma Bell asked me if I would be available from 8-6 today. After I finished laughing I said, "Um, no, I have a life. Can I get a smaller window?" Apparently they don't do small windows on weekends so I said fine, book me in for a 3 hour afternoon block on Monday. At the end of the call the rep. said to me "Are you happy with the service you received today?" I said, very honestly, "I'd be a hell of a lot happier if someone was on their way over to fix my phone but if that's the best you can do then sure, I guess so"

So I went about my business, getting all my programs and files uploaded onto my freshly delivered computer. By now I've changed into my jammies (cause when the last daycare kid leaves, if I'm not going out my PJ's are on!) and (gasp) no bra. I see a truck pull into my driveway. It's a Bell truck. So I run into the bedroom to throw on a bra. After three kids the girls just aren't 'up to it' anymore and no one outside the family needs to suffer through that sight. I answer the door and there standing before me is the cutest phone company guy ever. I'm talking if I were single and there weren't kids all over the place we'd have us a Dear Penthouse moment.
Anyhow, as I catch my breath he says "Hi, I'm ???? from Bell." (You see, I didn't actually hear his name....this is what I heard )
I said "Yeah" as I stare with my jaw on the floor. He says "I'm a but early" I snapped out of it and welcomed him in to fix my phone (all the while wondering what else I have from Bell that I can screw up while he's here)
So hot Bell guy replaced the damaged line. He was very smiley. He was oh so hot. Honestly, I'll dream about him, I'm sure.

So my forth fantastic customer service is that Bell not only showed up 3 days early to fix my phone but they send some delicious eye candy to do it.

I almost feel bad for having called yesterday morning to arrange for our phone service to be switched from Bell to Rogers.

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