Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Can't Live Without You!

Last week I gave you the worst products ever. So in the interest of fairness I'm going to give you what I think are the best products ever. The ones I can't live without.

Again, in no particular order

#1 - Dental Floss Sticks.
Not just from the aesthetic point of view (no one wants to look at you when you have nastiness between your teeth) but from a comfort point of view. Nothing sucks more than having something stuck between your teeth. I've given myself headaches from trying to hook stuff out of my teeth with my tongue.
Now I carry dental floss sticks. I have them in my car, in all my purses and bags...I am NEVER without them and I am a much much happier person.

#2 - GPS
If you read the beginning of my post about getting a GPS you'll know that it's not something I ever thought I'd use. I can read a map, I have a Perly's in my car and I used to mapquest everything. But then I was given a Tom Tom (jane jane) as a gift and since then.....
On Thursday alone I used it to map my way to my coworkers house, to an unfamiliar high school and then out to the west end to a church. That would have been a lot of map reading. And let's face it, looking down to follow a map is not as safe as glancing at your GPS that is stuck on the window. Love it.

#3 - Flushable Wipes
Too much information ahead. These bad boys aren't just for kids. They are the best thing ever invented. And now my tushy is a wipe addict because the thought of not having them in the bathroom makes my colon clench.
This is another 'always have with me' item. It's bad enough if you have to 'go' in a public bathroom (a whole other issue) but to have to go in a public bathroom and NOT have flushable wipes available....well, I just don't feel fresh!

#4 Crock Pot
I'm willing to put the time in in the kitchen to cook a nice meal when I have the time. But I don't always have the time. Even when I worked at home - cooking a nice meal with 3 under 2 underfoot wasn't always an option. But Rival came to the rescue with the Crock Pot. You can cook anything in it. And mine is huge!
Needless to say, now that I work out of the house this guy will be working overtime and we'll be eating our good, healthy meals, on schedule, everyday.

#5 - Digital Cameras
Whether it's a high end DSLR or a cheap point and shoot, the digital camera is a fantastic invention.
When Emily was born we took (as all new parents do) 85 million pictures of her. And they are all developed (in doubles so that we could send copies to Sean's mom and my mom) And they are all in a big box in the basement. We never see them. They need to be sorted and organized. I'm a creative person but I don't have time for scrapbooking and even if I did - 85 million pictures is only a slight exaggeration. I'd never have enough money or space for all those scrapbooks.

But the digital...I'll admit this does mean I take even more pictures than before BUT - I can delete the crappy ones and save only the great ones. I see them all, either displayed on my digital picture frame or on the slide show/screen saver on my computer. It doesn't cost me to send photos to family and friends via email, FB or this blog....
Truly, a genius bit of technology and one I could not live without.

So there you have it. I can't live without any of the above 5 products.

What are yours?

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