Friday, September 24, 2010

Concerns and a funny video

I'm becoming concerned about Mary. She's energy wrapped up in go go go, with a side of noise. She's always been that way and while it's always been an endearing quality, I'm starting to worry if it's something more. It's only the third week of school and already she's not handed in 3 assignments and is forgetting things at school. The 'focus' is not there.

I'm thinking I may request and early conference with her teacher and further to that bring her to the Dr. I'm starting to have some very real concerns about ADHD and this is big because I have always been the one who thinks this is a widely misdiagnosed, slapped on label for any kid with a bit of non conforming energy.
We'll see.

And finally, a friend posted this video on FB and I thought it was pretty funny. Any mother who's tried to make a new mom friend will appreciate the humor in it.

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