Sunday, September 12, 2010

I've become ''that'' neighbour

We have two sets of neighbours. The ones to the west/north west and the ones to the east/north east.

Our western neighbours are great. We have the nice Newfie guy next door (the one with lung cancer). We have the resident neighbourhood lookout (he's the one who knows everyone in the neighbourhood and all of their business - but not in an irritating way) He's the one who's wife is also battling cancer. We also have the couple who are around our age - the wife is finely leathered from sun exposure and the husband seems nice enough but has only ever said two or three words to me. But they never seem to get annoyed by the kids balls and Frisbees repeatedly ending up in their veggie garden. All in all, they are all great neighbours. They are nice to us, we are nice to them, they are all on the Christmas card list.

The neighbours to the east, however, are a whole different story. Now granted, there is a tree line that separates our yards and we are elevated above them slightly so the opportunities for 'chit chat' over the fence is not there, though the playroom window overlooks one neighbours yard perfectly and the front yard sides the other neighbours yard perfectly.
So, there are two neighbours in particular on this side. Mr. Green Lawn, so named because he has a yard that is immaculate (seriously, we're talking Hank Hill obsessed with keeping his yard green - there is not a weed to be found on this mans lawn. It's really a thing of beauty) The thing that rubs me is that he's got this gorgeous back/side yard and no one EVER uses it. EVER. It's fenced off. There are no lawn chairs. There are no umbrellas, nothing...just a green square. Anyhow, in our 8 years here they've never once said hi to us. Okay, not the friendly sort.

Then there is "playroom neighbours" so named because we can see their yard from our playroom. Sean has talked with the old woman (the grandma I think) who used to live there and the husband walks their dog past our house everyday and even once snowblowed our sidewalk and the lower part of our driveway (despite the fact that we don't actually live on the same street)
But the wife has never said hello. She also bitched out the cable guy this past summer when he had to put a ladder in her yard to re run our cable line.
So again, not overly friendly folks but we've never had a problem with them.

Until last night.

Last night at about 9 pm we suddenly hear music blasting - so loud it could have been coming from inside our own house. We quickly discovered that playroom neighbours kids (older teens/young adults) were having a party. This family has many parties, and they do tend to be loud but it's their voices that are usually loud and that doesn't bother me. Have fun! But, this was different. This music was ridiculously loud.

I was getting madder and madder and I finally said to Sean, you can go over or I can go over but either way they are being asked to turn the music down a bit.

So we both went.

Now let's establish that Sean does not like confrontation whereas I love a good brawl, especially when I'm on the 'just' end.

So Sean knocked on the door while I waited in the driveway. A girl got out of the car and said "I guess you want them to turn it down?" I said, "Yep, my son's bedroom window is right there and I can hear it as clear as day in his room"

So she went into the yard and we followed. When we got to the side of the house the door opened and the mom was there. Sean asked her to turn the music down to which she gave him a 'look' and said "Well, not too much. They are allowed to play it loud until 10 pm"

Here's where I lost it.

So the exchange goes something like this.

Me: "We didn't ask to turn it off, we asked to turn it down. I can hear every single word of that music like it's in my house. My son's bedroom window is right there. He's two years old. He's trying to sleep."

Her: "Okay but we have until 10 o'clock."

Me: "I don't really give a shit! It's too loud, it doesn't need to be so loud that I can hear it in my house like that. My son is in his room screaming hysterically because it's so loud he can't sleep" (okay, so this was a lie, he was sound asleep but she doesn't need to know that)

Her: "We'll turn it down a little but not all the way because we have until 10 o'clock"

Me: (now I'm really pissed and yelling) I didn't ask for it to be turned off - but turn it down. You have until 10:00? Fine. I'll bring my son over here and he can scream in your house for the next hour! How would that be? That's what I'll do, I'll got get him right now and he can scream in your kitchen until 10:00. Turn it down!!! Be considerate of other people, you're not the only people in the world!!!"

And then we left.

They did turn the music down. Thank goodness because I know calling the cops would be futile, they have better things to do.

They did however, exact their revenge. At about 11 pm we heard two loud thumps at the side of the house. We looked out but with it being dark we didn't see much.

This morning however, we saw three or four pears along the side of the house (they have a pear tree in their yard)

Mr. Green Lawn's yard is also littered with pears and crushed beer cans. That will go over well, I'm sure.

So yep, I've become that neighbour. The one who bitches when the music is too loud. I guess I really am getting old.

(though I'll admit, I was wishing I had a noise canon like the ones the cops use for riots....that would have been some fun at 6 this morning!)

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