Monday, September 27, 2010

The Kindness of Strangers, Part 3

It goes on and on I tells ya!

For any newcomers, please refer back to The Kindness of Strangers Part 2 otherwise you will not understand where I'm going with this post.

I spent three hours on Friday night sewing a bag made from a red tartan kilt I bought at Value Village (no luck finding one on freecycle)
It was a custom order from the manager of the Whitby Salvation Army Thrift Store. She wanted to give it to her best friend (who is Scottish) for her 60th birthday.

You'll recall, this is the same manager who gave a whole pile of fabric to my fabric angel for free when she found out what it was for. My fabric angel had passed along the managers email address to me and I contacted her to arrange to meet with her, I wanted to donate a bag to her partly for her kindness and partly because she offered to show it around to her church friends.

I digress. I made the bag and it turned out fantastic, one of my best. (you can see a pic of it here) So off I went to the Sally Ann Store with the tartan bag as well as all my others so she could pick one for herself.

I was nervous, it had been three weeks since we'd spoken by email and I was worried she'd forgotten I was coming. But she hadn't.

I've never met anyone who was so happy to see me. She raved about the bags (both the one she bought and the one I gave her) She told no less than 6 people while I was there about the bags she had, why I was making them and how they can contact me. She told me she was going to tell all the people at the party next weekend about the bags and she was thinking of ordering some as Christmas gifts. She then insisted I go through the fabric bin and take anything I could use, no charge. She also said if she comes across anything she thinks would work good she'll put it aside and email me.

She was so enthusiastic, I came out of there walking 6 inches off the ground.

So whether or not her enthusiasm drums up any cash for our cause...I'm not to worried about it. She made me feel good. I think I made her feel good. Her friend will certainly be getting a one of a kind birthday gift. And that sale put us over the $200 mark for donations. Only $2800 more to reach our goal!

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