Monday, September 13, 2010

I need a foot rub

I was late for work today.

For those who know me well (for those who know me even a little) you understand that this is a monumental thing.

I am NEVER late. For anything. The only thing about me that's ever late is my period.

I leave my house at 7 am. I work in Toronto, roughly 35 km from home. I take the highway, I get off in a neighbouring city to take Connor to daycare, hop back on the highway and head to work. Most days I get to the Timmies next to the school by 7:45. That gives me time to get my coffee, get to school and be in my classroom for 8:00. School starts at 8:30 but I like to be early to get things ready.

So this morning, as per usual I left at 7:00. The highway was backed up as soon as I got on and I basically stayed about about 40 km/hr until got to the daycare. Now it's 7:20. Now I realize I need gas (note to self, from now on get gas at night!) but the gas station next to the daycare is closed so I have to drive a few blocks over. It takes two lights for me to turn into the gas station because traffic on this street (which leads to the highway) is so backed up.

I get gas, I'm back on the highway and flying. I get to my exit and see cars backed up again. But - I do know there is construction for about a km on this stretch. It does usually slow me down a bit but not much. Today however, we're crawling, even past the construction. Then I hear it on the radio, the traffic lights are out at the intersection where my school is. This is roughly 5-6 km from where I am. And we are not moving.

Now I'm panicking. It's 8:15 am. I'm not moving. And this stretch of road there is no where I can get off to find an alternate route for at least 3 km.

I sent a text to the other ECE asking her to tell my teaching partner that I might be a bit late.

It's now 8:25 and I can see it. The street I can turn down to get off this road and get to my school.

I turn onto it and lo and behold there is construction at the intersection ahead and it's crawling here too.

By the time I got there I was raging, near tears and 10 minutes late.

This combined with the stress of switching kids around in our classes so I had 11 new ones today and didn't have their desk tags or cubbie labels up yet (which goes against all of my anal over preparedness) I was a walking stress ball.

I decided today would be a great day to wear my high heel boots. I don't have trouble with them, I can wear them all day and they don't bother me. But this all day usually consists of some sitting. I sat for 10 minutes while I ate spring rolls and samosa (my teaching partner brought them in....they were soooooo yummy)

So now my feet are swollen - they look like sausages. They hurt. My muscles hurt from stress.

But I still had a great day!!

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  1. Being late is the worst! It makes my blood pressure skyrocket!