Saturday, September 25, 2010

Papa's Pride Giveaway

I'm going to try a smaller giveaway to see how it goes and if it works the way I'm hoping it will I will try a larger one next time around.

I'm trying to drum up some traffic on the Papa's Pride Facebook Page. Facebook is a powerful tool and each time someone "like"(s) the page all of their friends see it, visit it, etc. And from there people place orders which in turn makes more money for our cause.

So here's the giveaway info.

Starting now to October 2nd at 8 pm EST visit the Papa's Pride Facebook Page and click LIKE. Every new like will be recorded and entered into the draw.

Now don't be alarmed, for those of you who already "LIKE"(d) the're in the draw too.
But - here's the good part....If you've already "like"(d) the page and some of your friends or family members are 'new likes' drop me a note to let me know you referred them to the page and I'll give you an extra entry into the draw. So if you have 12 facebook friends who "like" the Papa's Pride Facebook Page you'll have 13 entries in the draw.

And here's the prize for this draw. You'll get a set of 12 beautiful, all occasion, Papa's Pride photo greeting cards and envelopes.

Sound great?!

If this goes the way I'd like it to then next time I hold a draw we'll draw for a bag.

The more traffic we can generate to the page the more opportunities there are to make a sale and raise some more money for this very important cause.

So let's get liking!

I'll announce the winner here and on Facebook next Saturday.

Good luck!

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