Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just when things can't suck anymore....

Yesterday was a horrible day...

our washing machine broke down on Sunday so we had to go get a new one. You know, with the millions of dollars we have.
My mom bought it and we're paying her in installments (though she argues that she uses it too but her one load to my 5 doesn't amount to much)

I interviewed someone for the daycare on Friday - the fastest interview ever....again. And it was for a baby, which I didn't really want but beggars can't be choosers.

Connor was having a bad morning, exceptionally whiny and arguing about everything. And I had to do my grocery shopping, with my calculator because I only had $90 for the week for groceries (for 5 people plus the daycare)

So, I couldn't have felt any lower yesterday. Just when I thought things couldn't suck anymore...they were sucking even more.

I went and got the mail and lo and behold there was an envelope from the school board. My first thought, it's my "thanks, but no thanks" letter.
So I opened it and read: "We are please to inform you that you have been hired"


So I started crying and jumping up and down. My crying freaked Connor out. I scared Sean because he couldn't make out what I was saying.....

I got the job!!!!!

And now, my new life begins.

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  1. Oh, Jean that's wonderful!!!! I am so happy for you-way to go! You must be very excited(understatement I'm sure) When excatly does it start?