Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I've told my closest friends, my immediate family and my clients about my new job. I was hesitant to tell the clients but I did.

See, the way my life works is that when things are fantastic and great something comes along to shit on it. So I'm certain that because I'm thrilled with my new job something is going to go wrong. I haven't said anything 'publicly' about the job for fear of jinxing it. (and yes, I totally understand the irony in the fact that when I say publicly I mean on Facebook and yes, I know that on my Facebook page there is a link to this very blog so, in fact, any of those Facebook friends could read it, and yes I also see the irony in the fact that my blog is listed publicly so quite literally anyone can read it)

I went for my TB skin test on Monday (a requirement to work with children) I have to go back to get it read today and the note to bring with me tomorrow. So the site where they gave me the needle is red/purple. It's a 'track mark' but in my mind it's a huge swollen red mark and they will read it as a positive (fwiw - you don't need to have TB to get a positive result, just an exposure) and of course I think about the nagging cough that wouldn't go away.....
and in reality I know it's a 'track mark' and it's a negative test and everything is fine.

I'm also slightly worried because they want my current Criminal Background check with vulnerable sector screen. I have one but it's 2 years old. I went to the police station on Monday when I got the letter to order one but it's going to take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

They want references...I gave them references when I went for the interview...they spoke with my references so do I bring them in again or do I get new ones or so I omit that portion?

They want my Pastoral Reference Letter. I gave them one when I applied...I assume I won't need another.

I'm psyching myself out completely and I hate it.

Hopefully I'll feel better about it tomorrow after I go to the office and find out what's what.

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