Monday, March 19, 2012

You Know You're Old When.....

Emily is doing a music project at school. They will be assigned a genre of music and will have to write about the origins of it, giving examples of popular artists in that genre, etc.

She was reading the list of genres available to choose from: rock and roll, classic rock, jazz, blues, soul, country, reggae, folk, alternative, punk, new wave and hip hop. We were going through the list and I was telling her which ones I could help her with, rock, classic rock, reggae, folk, alternative...

She then said to me "I was hoping to get pop music, then I could do like Madonna and Michael Jackson for the history."

I'm rendered speechless for a few minutes and then, well, I'll own it, I cried. Seriously. My child just told me that Madonna and Michael Jackson fell into the 'history' of pop music.

Now granted, I understand that both artists were trailblazers but come on child....I was listening to Madonna and Michael Jackson when I was your age...I'm not old enough for it to be history!!!

All bets are off kiddo...if you want help with your project now, you'd better ask your father....he's a year older than me so he's got a firmer grasp of ancient history.


  1. Haha, I feel ancient now!

    I hate it when I walk into an antique store and they have toys there that I played with as a really HATE it...sigh.