Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Have A Great Wolf Day

This should fall under the Shameless Plug Sunday category.

We've been to Niagara Falls more times than I can count. Sean and I used to go two or three times a year when we were dating and before the kids were born and since they've been born we've still gone at least once a year.

After a while though, going to the same place, a place that doesn't change much, loses it's appeal. The kids were born before the casino went in and we've only been there once alone since the kids were born. So that's out. We've gone across the border and spent the day on the US side, both alone and with the kids.

We've resisted going to Great Wolf Lodge in large part because of the cost. It ain't cheap.

But now that we've been there I can honestly say, it's well worth the money!

The room was nice. (I wouldn't go so far as to say fabulous - we've stayed in better and the kids beds mattresses were like gym mats) but it was large and had a fireplace. And the kids had their own tv so we didn't have to watch Family Channel the whole time we were in the room. (Actually, we had to watch Treehouse because Connor didn't want to watch Family in the kids room so we had to watch Treehouse in our room.)

The restaurant was a buffet and the food was pretty decent. We only ate there for supper. See, we save money by hitting the grocery store, picking up milk, cereal, fruit and lunch foods (buns, bologna and cheese) and we eat in our room. 

The water park was fantastic. A perfect mix of things for the big kids and the little kids. Connor loved it. The girls loved it. Sean and I loved it.

The activities they offer in the hotel are fun. Some free things like hoola hoop contests and story time and some add on (read: expensive) activities like Magic Quest and the Scooops Spa.  The girls opted for mani's and Connor got a wand to do the Magic Quest. (which we all did with him and while it started out pretty easy by the forth quest even I was stumped by the riddles) 

But what won me over, above everything else was the staff. There was no one person there who did not say "Hello", "How are you?" or "Are you enjoying yourself?" to every one of us as we passed in the halls or in the restaurant or water park.  Everyone was smiling. Everyone seemed happy. Everyone was nice.  And they ended every conversation with "Have a great wolf day!"

It just makes you feel good, plain and simple.

So, while my back is killing me from sleeping in a bed that wasn't mine this little getaway was well worth the insane amount of money we spent and we will go back again. 

Have a Great Wolf Day!

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