Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yeah, I'm a Hard Ass

One of the side effects of herceptin is that it can lessen my heart function. So every three months I have to have a heart echo to make sure my heart is still working right.

You may remember my adventures with my first stress echo but in case you've forgotten you can read about it here

Needless to say, I was a little anxious about this test and what the ultrasound tech was going to do this time.  I begged Sean to come with me for moral support.

When he called me in, Sean came into the room with me. The tech said, "Oh, he can stay but it's no big deal, it's just the test, there are no results today." I said "Yeah, but I'm having anxiety because of what happened the last time I had this test."

While I was changing I told Sean it was okay for him to go into the waiting room. I'd be fine. He was worried because the tech seemed really nervous with Sean there and the room was really small.

So the tech starts the ultrasound, no big deal and then halfway through he says "Did you have contrast the last time you were here?" I said "Yeah" He said "Well, I think we'll do it again."


I said "Well, I'm not comfortable with that." (and now my voice is quivering - I've been stressing about this for a week and now it's happening)

Him. "Are you afraid of the needle?"

I actually laughed in his face.  I said "I've had more needles in the last 6 months than you've probably had in your life - no I'm not afraid of the needle. What I'm afraid of is a repeat of last time in which you left my IV open and my blood went squirting out everywhere and then you ripped your glove and asked me if I had HIV or Hepatitis. On top of which, I've had so many chemicals running though my body in the last 6 months, I don't need anymore unless it's absolutely necessary!"  And now I'm full on crying.

He said....what for it...."Did that happen last time?"

"Um, yeah!"

So he proceeds to tell me that he needs to get a straight edge picture of my heart to give the right numbers to the Dr. I don't know what the hell that means but I do know this. Last time, he said it was my surgery interfering with the picture (yeah, whatever) but this time the wand was on my left side; the only way it could have been further from my scars would be if he were doing my foot.

Now I'm pissed. On one hand, I don't want this crackpot putting anything into my body or messing with my already fragile veins (you see, I've gone this long without at a port or a picc line but I've still got 13 more herceptin treatments to get through and only one arm in which I can have an IV in. If he screws up and collapses a vein I'm screwed.) but on the other hand I don't want to mess up the test - my oncologist does need to know how my heart is functioning.

So I said "Fine, if I need the contrast let's get it going because I have to be out of here by 11 to get my son from school." (it was about 10:20 at this point)

He had the balls to say to me "Well, we need to make priorities, do you want it done fast or do you want it done right?" 

You f*cker - I want BOTH and if you knew what you were doing you'd be able to do that.

I said again, "If I need the contrast let's get started"

He kept on doing the ultrasound and then said something about being able to get a clear enough read. He moved on to my arteries in the stomach/solar plexus area and my neck. Then he said he was all done and didn't need to use the contrast.


The last time I went to this guy my cousin recommended I report him and I didn't....I'm not usually the kind to do that kind of thing but after this....I begin to wonder.

When we left Sean said he got a bad vibe from the place. It's attached to a family Dr's office. The Dr's were all away that day, only the secretary and some nurses. The secretary was giving medical advice over the phone to a patient (which she got in trouble for afterwards) 

I'm hoping that the test results  were clear enough and more importantly that my heart is still okay. But, no matter what, the next time I have to have an echo done I'm not going back there. I'll drive the extra 10 km and get it done at the hospital. At least then if I they tell me I need contrast I know I do and I'm not as likely to get my veins massacred.

Before I go....

Still no winner on the riddles. Someone came close but missed one. Come on can do it!!

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  1. I would say NEVER go anywhere near that Mother fucker again!! What an ASS!! OMG Jean, How do these people get jobs looking after people? It's more than enough to have to deal with it all-that shithead should be reported-UGH!!
    Glad you took Sean-Next one at the hosiptal should be much better! :)