Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Remember that funny story where I said I was going to give up needless spending for Lent? It's amazing how one can justify what is needless spending.

Last week one of my PP sisters bought something for me that I've been needing for work. So when she gets it shipped I'll need to send her the money for the item and shipping. Spending by proxy is not spending right?

On Saturday I got a coffee at Timmies. I can't justify that one.

On Sunday I ordered something online, again that I needed for work. But it was Sunday. You're not required to stick with your Lenten sacrifice on Sundays.

Yesterday I bought some wine glasses for one of the baskets for the basket raffle at the tea. But it was for our fundraiser so is that needless spending? I also bought some containers to replace my alphabet containers at work. Again, for work, does that count as needless spending?


I really should try harder.

This week I looked into canvasing in front of the LCBO to raise money for our Relay for Life team.  You see it all the time, hockey teams, fundraising for cancer, etc. So after calling 4 different people I finally spoke to the person I was supposed to speak to only to discover that the chances of us being able to do it this year are slim to none. They can only accept one group a month. And only one group for any particular organization can canvass per year (meaning one hockey team, one soccer team, one relay for life team.) 

So, I guess the idea is that I'll have to apply this coming summer to be able to canvass next year.  I'm not so confident that we'll reach our $5000 goal this year. I'm not giving up yet but we've only got 3 months left.  If you'd like to donate to our team and bring us closer to our goal you can do so here.

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