Friday, February 10, 2012

Little Things That Make Me Happy

I've been feeling a little stressed lately. I've picked up a cold. And my throat hurts, but not like it would hurt from a cold, but how it hurt after my taxotere treatments. On Wednesday I ate a bagel and it felt like I was swallowing glass. This afternoon I had a chocolate bar with almonds in it and now it feels like a piece of almond shard (yes a shard) is stuck in my throat.

Naturally I'm worried and have convinced myself that I have cancer in my throat. But the more likely reason is that I've had a cough for several weeks now and my throat is irritated by this - and then further irritated by 'rough' foods.

At any rate, I'm seeing both of my oncologists next week so I'll mention it to both of them (because I can't get in  to see my family doctor until March.

So, I thought, in order to cheer myself up I'd talk about the little things that make me happy.

My kids.
Yeah, that's a no brainer but it's specific things. Connor's facial expressions when he's talking. He's so animated. Mary's heart - she's such a caring and compassionate person, she'll often wrap up her own toys and give them to us as gifts. Conversations with Emily. She's maturing so much and I enjoy just chilling out on the couch and talking. Even if she thinks I'm a giant nerd. I can take it.

My husband.
He rubs my back, my head, my feet and just about anything else I ask him to rub...and he never complains.

My cat.
My cat is like a dog. He's an awesome cat. He plays fetch. He follows you around the house. He creates havoc. But he's cuddly too.

Small victories.
There's been a bit of a battle of wills at my workplace between me and the teacher I work with over a carpet. My opinion is that we need one for the children to sit on, his was that we didn't - because 5 years olds sometimes pee their pants or throw up at school. I made it clear that I'd be bringing the carpet back into the class when I came back to work. As the mother of a kindergartner, I'd be livid if I found out Connor was sitting on the hard, cold, tile floor. He insisted we wouldn't be bringing it back in.
I found out today the Principal is buying our class a new carpet. Score one for me.

Homemade chocolate chip cookies.
I love these even more than beer and chicken wings combined. It is THE ultimate food. But it must be homemade, none of that store bought crap.  In fact, I think I'll make some tomorrow.

Greasy spoon coffee.
Nothing (I mean not even Timmies) tastes better than the coffee you get at little greasy spoon breakfast places. I don't mean places like Cora's I mean the little tiny hole in the wall places that serve a 3 egg breakfast special for $5.99. I don't know what they do to it (and I probably don't want to) but it tastes FABULOUS!

A clean kitchen in the morning.
It makes me so happy to wake up to a clean kitchen. It doesn't happen often though. Don't get me wrong, my kitchen isn't a pig sty or anything, I clean it after supper but then later that evening we have our little snacks and it gets messed up again. I don't have the energy (or inclination) to clean it again.

Taking the perfect picture.
I love to take pictures and I take thousands. And every now and then I get a really great one. I love that!

There are so many other things that make me happy but I'll stop here. Casino is on. I love that movie. And that makes me happy too.

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