Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Go Big or Go Home

Tomorrow is the beginning of Lent. So it's time to think about what I'm going to give up for Lent. In the past I've given up chocolate (that was tough), coffee and chicken wings.

I've been toying with something for a while, partially due to the financial strain we've been under with my not working and partially because I just want to see if I can do it....so I've decided to do it for Lent. Because that will be my drive to actually do it and not just give a half assed attempt.

I read an article about a family who decided not to spend any money for an entire month. At the end of the month prior they did a giant grocery shop for their month worth of food, they stopped driving their cars and walked or biked everywhere.

Now, in theory this is a fabulous idea but for us it's not feasible. Sean can't walk to work. He can't bike, public transit costs money and even if he could take it, he drives the public transit and starts working before it starts running.  And I can't afford to grocery shop for a family of 5 for an entire month at one time - we go through 4 litres of milk in a day and a half - I'd have to fill my fridge with milk and wouldn't have room for anything else.

But, I can adjust this experiment to better suit our families needs - make my Lenten sacrifice  - and it's something that would benefit our family in the long run.

So, for Lent, I'm giving up needless spending.

How is this a sacrifice you ask? Do you know me?

I'm an emotional shopper. I'm an "I'm bored" shopper. I'm an "I might need this at some point for something" shopper. Even if it's the dollar store, it's shopping.

So, starting tomorrow - I will only spend money on groceries and gas. There will be two exceptions that I'm putting out there right now - I will be going out for dinner to celebrate finishing my treatment sometime next week and my 14th anniversary is at the end of March so there will be a gift and/or dinner there.  But that's it. I will not spend one single dime on anything else.

It's going to be hard. I'm going to have to say no to the kids a lot. I'm going to have to find a lot of fun and free things to do on March Break (thank God for our zoo membership!)

I think this sacrifice will be a huge benefit too. I am flat broke and won't see a paycheck until mid April. So not spending needlessly will save me a small fortune no doubt.

There you have it, it's out there, before my blog reading public. I'm done spending.

And I'll be tested as early as tomorrow since it's grocery shopping day. Can I manage to get in and out of the store without buying anything that isn't part of the menu for the week? We shall see.

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