Sunday, February 12, 2012

I did it again.

I googled.

Oh, get your mind out of the gutter, you perv!

Last Wednesday when I left my radiation treatment I stopped at a Timmie's and got a bagel. I was going to an after school workshop for work and didn't have time to go home for supper first. Eating that bagel felt like I was swallowing blocks of concrete. It was horribly painful.

When I came home from the workshop I was feeling like a pile of crap. My nose was running, my throat was sore and my body ached. I had a cold.

On Thursday we went to the zoo.  The new polar bear cub is out and we decided to go mid week when there is no one there as opposed to on the weekend when everyone and their grandmother's are there.  I felt okay but by the time we left at about 1 pm to come home I was feeling achy again.

On Friday after I ate lunch I had a piece of chocolate with almonds in it and again, it felt like glass in my throat.

My throat is killing me, every time I eat I feel like I'm swallowing glass. And when I cough, it hurts too. But not the kind of hurt that you feel when you have strep throat of a cold. It's lower....where my throat meets me breast bone.

So I decided it was time to google. I also posted a message in a breast cancer forum. It would appear as though this is a fun side effect of the radiation. Apparently getting radiation on the chest area can lead to a sore throat. Hip hip hooray. I've got 10 more treatments to go which means it's only going to get worse.

Part of me is still panicking that it's something else but for now I'm reassured enough to wait until I see my oncologist on Wednesday. Until then, I'm eating soft foods: eggs, porridge, soup.....

Cancer Sucks.

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