Friday, January 27, 2012

What's New With You?

I've officially finished my first week of radiation. That means only 4 more weeks and I am officially done my treatment and move into maintenance.  Yesterday was a busy day, I had to go for my herceptin treatment at Rouge Valley Centenary and then my radiation at Lakeridge Oshawa. For none locals these are two different hospitals in two different cities. Fortunately I'll only have to do that once more.

Part of the possible side effects with herceptin is reduced heart function. It's something they made me aware of during chemo and something they monitor. I had that infamous heart echo in November. It will serve as the baseline and then I'll need to have one every three months for the duration of my herceptin treatment. I was reassured when, at my last chemo I overheard my oncologist talking with another patient who is also having herceptin. She apparently showed reduced heart function in her echo and the Dr decided to cancel her treatment until she could see the cardiologist. I overheard him on the phone with the cardiologist and he'd said while all the literature says it's a possibility it's the first time he's ever seen it happen. And, how do I put this Dr is old. He's been at this game for a while. So if you consider how many patients he's had over the years who've been on herceptin and that was the first time he'd seen it....I'm feeling good about my odds.

At any rate, when filling out my ESAS I mentioned shortness of breath (primarily from things like going upstairs, etc). I also mentioned to my nurse that I have a phlegmy cough - left over from my last taxotere treatment.  My oncologist decided he wanted me to do my next heart echo before my next herceptin treatment just to be on the safe side. He listened to both my lungs and heart and said they sounded fine but better safe than dead.

Besides that, I've found a whole new fun craft and have been working hard on them. I've been making scrabble tile pendants.
 Here's a few...

I've made about 20 so far, you can see the rest here. I'll be listing them in my Etsy store when I get a chance but until then you can buy one by messaging me on FB.

I'm also working hard on the Spring Tea Fundraiser.  We've been pounding the pavement drumming up donations for the silent auction. Although, now I'm thinking an auction is not going to be logistically possible. we have two tea sittings so the people from the first sitting would place their bids but then would be outbid by the people in the second sitting and not have a chance to bid again. So, I think we'll take all the items donated to us and use them for a basket raffle. This means people can buy as many tickets as they like (they'll be sold in bulk - so like 10 tickets for $5) and they can then put their tickets in the jar that corresponds to the prize of their choice (so if you want to win the iPod you put your tickets in the iPod jar or if you want to you can split your tickets into multiple jars)
They do this type of raffle at our church bizarre and I love it.

I got my official back to work date. I get to go back on April 2nd. I'm so ridiculously excited! I am nervous - I noticed yesterday that after a day of running around to appointments I was exhausted by 3 pm and I worry about my energy levels when I get back to work but I'm sure I'll manage. And if I have to be an old lady and go to bed right after Connor goes to bed for the first few weeks, I will.

So that's what's new with me. What's new with you?  

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  1. Back to work in April. How exciting for you Jean. I think of you everyday as I know how strong you are. You are a great person who will get through this and be so happy. Hugs sweetie. Keep Up The Good Work Ok!!
    Love Julie R.E.C.E
    (Ryan's Mom)