Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I'm started to feel better, mentally and physically.  My aches are gone, my feet still tingle but that will pass eventually. My only complaint now is that my right hand is really swollen. I'm guessing a bit of lymphedema, perhaps from the radiation tattooing? My arm is not swollen, just my hand and it's actually quite painful. I'm hoping it goes down before radiation starts on Monday or I suspect it will only get worse.

Several months ago, in my support group, I learned about an organization called Cleaning for a Reason.  This company partners with maid services around Canada and the US to provide housekeeping services for women undergoing cancer treatment (one cleaning per month for 4 months) When I heard about it I applied but received an email saying that the local maid service was already fully booked. I filed the email away and completely forgot about it.

Yesterday I got an email saying I'd been paired with a housekeeping service and that they'd be contacting me within a week. Today they called and there are two housekeepers coming next Tuesday for an hour and a half. And they'll come three more times in the next 3 months.

I'm excited. I've never had a housekeeper. My bff offered us hers (a couple of times actually) and I would have loved to have taken her up on it but Sean is a little wigged about about a housekeeper (I didn't know that before I applied for this program) He doesn't like the idea of a stranger cleaning our house. Well, now he doesn't have a choice since this is booked. Heehee.

There is an episode of the Simpson's in which they get a housekeeper and Marge goes crazy cleaning the house before the housekeeper comes so that she won't see a messy house. I suspect I might be a bit like that. I wouldn't want them to come to a total pigsty so I'll probably tidy before they come.

I went to work the yesterday to talk about my back to work plan. I really go between being excited and being nervous about working with the new teacher. I think it will be fine though. I've just got to learn to go with the flow a bit. I think going to work yesterday is what made me feel better. Every time I get into the rut feeling, feeling sorry for myself attitude a visit to school picks me up. Another reason why I need to get back there. Soon!

For now though, I'm reminding myself to take it easy and be glad that I've got the luxury of being able to take this time off to recover, heal and take time for me.

It's not so bad.


  1. I use to run a cleaning business...just make sure your handcuffs are put away-not in your bed one time and the kids room the next! Don't leave a hot dog under a piece of furniture for you 'maid" to find and then tell her "well, I had to be sure you were really cleaning PROPERLY" Don't stand over them and announce" that's not how I do it, what's wrong with you?" and flush the toilet-any and all of them.
    --and enjoy letting someone else clean your house.

  2. LOL about the handcuffs.
    I plan to hide out in my storage room organizing my files - I'm more worried about getting in their way than anything else.
    Honestly, I'm thrilled someone else is cleaning my house - so even if they don't do it my way...it's still done! (though like I said, it will likely be relatively clean before they get here...I'd be embarassed for them to see it dirty) Woohoo!! Can't wait!!