Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Now that I've discovered Pinterest I've learned the real meaning of the word Timesuck.

Facebook - sure, it takes a bit of time but if you're like me and avoid the games and apps then really all your doing reading some status updates, posting your own and moving on.

The Pumpkin Patch - well this is only applicable to me and the other PP Moms - but no, it's not really a time suck because there are only about 25 or so of us who are there regularly and since we're all FB friends too, really, it's only the private stuff that goes in the PP.

I don't really surf the internet that much. I read the news, I work on my blog (yeah, my kindergarten blog is in a holding pattern while I organize my basement - can't get to my resources) read a few other blogs, check my email and that's it.

Then I discovered Pinterest. Holy crap, what a timesuck. I just keep finding more and more ideas for just about everything....recipes, crafts, party ideas, things for school, things for home....and I'm becoming a junky.

But the thing is, I'm so freakin' bored that I'm actually putting what I'm finding on Pinterest into action.

For example there is this

Yes,  Ziploc bag of food. You see, I found, on Pinterest a blog in which the writer gives recipes for 'freezer to crockpot' meals.  The long and short of it is you put everything for the meal into the freezer bag and then when you want to eat it, you pop it into the crockpot and 6 hours later Bob's your Uncle.
So since today I was making beef and barley soup in the crockpot I decided to double everything (veggie-wise) and put together the fixin's for chicken vegetable soup. It's got carrot, celery, mushroom, onion, peas, corn, zucchini, green beans, lima beans and turnip (rutabaga to anyone who doesn't come from Newfoundland) It's also got diced up chicken breast and the chicken stock cubes so all I have to do is throw it in the crockpot, add water and I'm done.
Inspired by my awesomeness I decided I would continue the preplanning for the week and make a lasagna. And since I went grocery shopping today and my meet had not yet been frozen I decided to make a meatloaf too. So now, with the addition of the leftover beef and barley soup from this evening my freezer is full of meals ready to go. Yay me!

Then there's this

Another thing I found on Pinterest. Someone had posted a way of making your own canvas pictures. I love convas pictures but they are so expensive. So cheapo me decided to give this a  try. Emily's turned out great but Mary and Connor's -  not so much. They had wrinkles. I think my problem was that I used a light, matte finish everyday photo paper rather than a heavier glossy paper. But the long and short of it is that you get a canvas, any size you want (this one is  5x7 that I got at the dollar store.) Take some modge podge and paint the canvas with it. Lay the photo on top and make sure there are no air bubbles or wrinkles. The paint the top and edges of the photo with more modge podge. Make sure you're painting all in one direction The podgy will dry clear but it will still look nicer if all the 'lines' are going to same way. Once it's dry, voila, you have a photo canvas.

I am going to try these again, with thicker photo paper.

And then there's this.

I've always loved silhouettes and when I saw ones like these on Pinterest I said "hot damn, I'm gonna do that!!" So I did. I'm actually quite happy with these. They came out great. Again, done on canvas and I just painted the 'background' and left their silhouettes white. Emily is not impressed and requested they not be hung in a public part of the house so no one can see them. We compromised and I'm hanging them in the playroom since hardly anyone uses that room.

I still have two more things I'm going to try. One is a set of coasters made from ceramic tiles. and the other thing....well I'm not going to tell right now because if it works out then I think they'd make really nice gifts and I don't want to ruin it because some of the people I'd give it to as a gift read the blog....

It might be a timesuck but I'm not complaining. At least I'm not bored now.


  1. JHC!! Jean! I can't keep up, lol. I actually ahd to look up modge podge and i use to be crafty! Way to go--I'm thinking I should check this out...but in the mean time do you have any slow cooker ideas to share? we had a huge one but I bought a smaller one with the hopes of making good use of it. Keep it up cuz!