Monday, November 7, 2011

Wow, Time Change is Evil!

The 4 days or so following treatment I tend to nap a lot. I get tired very easily and a 2 hour nap really rejuvenates me. The downside to this is that it throws off my night sleep and I can't get more than about 5 hours sleep in a row.

Combine this with my insatiable appetite (everyone told me I'd lose my appetite the week of chemo - oh so not true for me) so when I wake at 4 am to pee I realize that A: I've now had my 5 hours sleep and B: my stomach is talking to me....loud. As is my brain.

So this weekend, combining my treatment with the time change has thrown me for a serious loop. Two nights in a row now I've woken before 5 am, my brain suddenly turned right on, thinking about Mary's birthday party (she's having a luau party), thinking about volunteering at work, thinking about going back to work, thinking about money, thinking about the future and the past.

And all the while my stomach is screaming at me "FEED ME!!!" Empty stomach = nausea to me and I've escaped that train this time around so when my stomach screams for food, I listen.

So for two mornings in a row now I've been here, at the computer, at 5 am, eating my Rice Krispies, drinking my coffee and hating the fact that I'm awake when I should be dreaming peacefully in my bed.

I didn't nap today though, despite being up since 4:30 am. I wanted to but the steroids I've been taking are causing some...ahem bloating issues and frankly, I'm just too uncomfortable to lie down. I think this might work to my advantage though, maybe I'll be able to get more than 5 hours sleep tonight.

If not, I'll see you back here, bright and early. Blah.

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