Saturday, November 5, 2011


And an Amen for Emend!!

Sorry for the delayed update for those of you who are not FB or PP friends.

I've discovered the miracle anti nausea drug called Emend and am painfully sorry that I didn't know about this back in September during the treatment from hell.  My whole chemotherapy experience would have been drastically different. This drug is obscenely expensive ($175 for 3 pills) so it's only prescribed to those with a drug plan. (for my international readers - while our government health care covers my Doctors visits, tests, hospital visits, meds administered in a hospital and all my chemotherapy it does not cover prescribed drugs. Many people though have additional medical insurance through their workplace to cover drugs. Ours also covered my prosthetic ever 2 years and 4 mastectomy bras a year)
Having said, without a drug plan Emend is worth it's weight in gold and I would have gladly paid for it out of pocket if need be.

This time 6 weeks ago I was in the hospital pumped full of Zofran, antibiotics and fluids because of dehydration due to vomiting.

This time 3 weeks ago I was on the couch in a tedious balance with nausea wondering what would send me over the edge and into the barf bowl.

Right now, I've just finished a bowl of rice crispies, a cup of coffee and I have not felt nauseous even once since Thursday. I do have the hint of queasiness but I think it's mostly due to the mouth watering. (can't escape that side effect it appears.

Last night I had a bit of a scare though. I had a pain in my chest and in my back. I was this close to going to the hospital for fear that I was having a heart attach. See, the chemo I'm on can effect the heart, I have to go for a stress echo in a couple of weeks and I know that in women, often times a heart attack presents differently than the standard 'pain in the chest, left arm tingly'.  In fact, a friends mom died with a misdiagnosed heart attack because the pain presented in her back.

The pain however passed and my hear didn't seem to be doing anything wonky. If it happens again though, I'll go get it checked out. You can never be too careful, I just don't relish being in a germy hospital with my weakened immune system.

My friend/coworker came to visit yesterday. She brought a plant and card from the staff. It was lovely and it made me feel good to know they were thinking of me. I know I've complained that I've only heard from a couple of them and it hurt my feelings but I really do understand that it's most likely just a case of people not knowing how to handle it and feeling awkward. I get it. Anyhow, I plan to go into work in a couple of weeks when my immune system is stronger and thank everyone personally. I also want to talk to the principal about possibly coming in a day or two to volunteer and perhaps a back to work plan for the new year. I know my class is in a bit of chaos. My friend thinks I'm nuts to be considering going back this year at all, apparently my stress level will be through the roof but frankly my mind needs the challenge and I think bringing order to chaos will do me a world of good. I miss it desperately.

So there you have it. Today is my last day with Emend and then it's just my Zofran and steroids to help me manage the nausea but I think the worst of it will have been passed. I'm so glad this was the way I ended the FEC portion of my treatment and I'm anxiously (nervously) looking forward to Taxotere.  

Halfway done baby!!

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