Wednesday, November 9, 2011

12 Hours

It's truly amazing the difference 12 short hours can make. Last night I posted about feeling down, angry, defeated, tired and 12 short hours later I feel alive, uplifted, happy, energetic.

I decided to go to work today for a visit, just with the staff, not the germy kids. I went in for lunch, brought a card thanking them for their thoughts and prayers and of course, treats. Everyone loves a good danish.

I sat in the staff room for an hour and chatted and relaxed and though I was sweating buckets (I wonder how I'm ever going to adapt to having hair again because my head gets so hot so easily now) I felt....normal.

My dizziness passed (I took some more Zofran today though, I was a little worried about nausea) and my mouth has stopped watering and it's like going to school for an hour was the cure to what was ailing me.

My Principal offered that I could come in whenever I wanted to read with the kids, etc and I will consider the offer but wiser heads must prevail and I heard that 7 of my kids were out sick today.....germs are rampant in the school system, there's no getting around that.

But for now it doesn't matter. I feel on top of the world again, strong, healthy and invincible. And I am again, looking forward......


  1. And your house is smelling wonderful :)

    Keep your head up, are loved!