Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shameless Plug Sunday - Scentsy

I'm going to start mixing things up a bit, adding some new and interesting features to my blog and here's the first. It's called Shameless Plug Sunday.

Every Sunday I'm going to give a shout out to business or service that I've dealt with, had a good experience with or just plain feel is awesome. Call it my own little public service.

So, for today's shameless plug I'm going to offer you Scentsy....and more specifically, Sarah Cothren's Scentsy.

Until Sarah became a Scentsy consultant I'd never heard of it before. But even after, I wasn't totally sold. I mean, I've had those Glade Plug Ins. We've had scented candles. We've had all kinds of things that make your house smell (nice) and none of them have ever been used for more than a day or two partially because the smell didn't seem to last long enough and partially because the smells themselves are overpowering. I'm quite sensitive to smell and it doesn't take much to turn me off.

Sarah, as you recall, generously held an online Scentsy party for me and donated not just her commission but also $50 of her own money to our Relay for Life team.  As part of the party I earned a hostess gift and a discount on some other items. 

I ordered 2 of the white plug in warmers (from the Groovy Collection, pg 28 in the Canadian Catalogue) plus a bar each of Skinny Dippin, Cinnamon Bear, and Sunkissed Citrus.

My order was here within a week. Even the outside of the box smelled good!

Now I'm trying to find the right words to describe this. I plugged it in and put a cube of Skinny Dippin' into my warmer. Within minutes not just the living room but the foyer and hall smelled heavenly. But not overwhelming, just enough that you know it's there without it being too much.

I plugged the other one into the kitchen and could smell it there, the playroom, hall and into the bathroom.  And again, it's not overpowering it's just right.

Even Sean, who normally doesn't like that kind of thing, is turning the warmer on when he comes into the room. We'll leave it on for a half hour or so and then turn it off and the smell will linger for hours.

I've become a believer.

And it's not just the smell. The warmer itself is lovely. It's really a quality product, larger than I thought, it feels like it's quite durable and very pretty too.

A Scentsy product would really be a fantastic gift for someone this holiday season. There are warmers that go with any decor and so many fragrances to choose from, you can't go wrong. Shop smart, buy a few extras to give as hostess gifts and if you're not sure about what scent someone might like...they have gift certificates too!

My first order will most certainly not be my last, I've actually (much to Sean's chagrin) made a list of which warmers I want and the scents I'm going to try next.

I encourage you, visit Sarah's Scensty page, browse the catalogue and place an order. (Canadians can order too, just click the country selector on the top right of the screen) You won't be sorry!


  1. Aww! Thank you so much ;). I am so glad you love your stuff as much as I do! It is because of people like you that I love selling Scentsy! I am honored to be your first Shameless Plug Sunday :)

  2. I ordered from Sarah yesterday! Can't wait for the homey scent of cinnamon bear to fill my house!