Sunday, November 6, 2011

This One's NOT About Cancer

My blog used to be fun. Now it's all cancer this and treatment that and I'm sick of it. I'm turning things around and from this point on my posts will only be cancer related when I have something to report. I need some change of scenery.

Daylight savings time has come to an end (or is it just starting? I can never keep track) The fact is we gain an hour of time today and that means that while my body is telling me it's 6 am and I should get up and have coffee and rice krispies (I have a new found love of rice krispies....don't ask, it's really not that great a cereal but I've gone through two family sized boxes on my own in 3 weeks) my computer clock is in fact telling me it's only 5:22. That just means that I'll be ready for a nap right about the time that the rest of the family is getting up. Not a bad trade off I guess but still.....I'm not a big fan of the spring forward/fall back business.

Yesterday we went for a walk down behind the GM headquarters. It has a really nice trail that goes through the woods and leads to the beach. Emily and Mary at reaching that point that family outings are not all that so as an added incentive we told them to pack their cameras and we'd have a photo contest. They could pick their best 10 to be judged and the winner would get 10 pieces of Halloween candy.

Here's three of Mary's best...

She liked how the sun sparkled off the water. I did have to crop it a bit and adjust the lighting for her.

This is a face she made out of rocks. Head, eyes with eyeballs, nose, mouth and ears. (for reference sake the large sandy coloured oval shaped rock is the nose)

Red berries on a tree. I thought the colour in this one was really nice. She took several of these pictures but hasn't quite got the concept of not sticking the camera so close to watch she's taking a picture of that it's out of focus. This was the only one that was relatively focused.

And here are two of Emily's best......

I loved how she didn't have us centered in the picture and was able to still capture us all. Good eye.

This was my favorite of hers. I probably would have tried to take a similar picture. She's got more focus on the bull rushes in the front but she managed to capture the colours in the back too....

Emily has a slight advantage in that she was using my camera instead of her own. My mom was using hers at a party. So we had to take that into consideration when judging. Also, given the difference in experience and age....and the fact that in many situations with the girls I will avoid having a clear winner if at all possible. They are two very different kids  - as different as can be - and choosing a winner in that kind of situation - not wise.

So, Mary won 10 candies for her sparkly water picture....she had a vision and she did her best.
Emily won 10 candies for her picture above of the pond.

And both girls were happy.

On our walk, back to the car we took a wrong turn and what should have been a short 10 minute walk back turned into a 30 minute hike through heavy brush, a parking lot and a swamp. Add to this that (even though this post is not about cancer) I was 2 days off of  chemo I was beyond exhausted when we got back to the car.  But it was fun nonetheless.

So I think for today, I'm going to take that extra hour and use it to soak in the bathtub with my kobo and my iPod and the door locked. 

Happy Sunday everyone!

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