Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Turmoil of all varieties

A co worker of Sean's passed away last week. It was sudden, unexpected and he was relatively young (47). 
I'd met him a few times because he lives in the same city we do (Sean doesn't work in the same city we live in)
Sean and I went to the funeral home on Sunday evening to pay our respects to his wife.

I'm not a fan of funeral homes to begin with (who is?....well besides morticians) but what made this especially difficult was that it was the same one my Dad's viewing and funeral was. And to add further to this, his viewing was in the same room that my Dad's funeral was in. His casket was in the same place my Dad's was in.
The room was L shaped and I made a point of not going anywhere near the side of the room in which I sat for my Dad's funeral. That would have been too hard.

To add even further to this trauma....the dear departed's wife was clearly still in shock and though she'd only met Sean and I on two occasions when we went to her to express our sympathies she proceeded to unload the details of his death. I certainly understand why she did - she's grieving and trying to make sense of it all but for us....well, I have to remind myself that for the 5 minutes of unmatched awkwardness we endured she'll likely suffer years of grief and questions.

A sad story indeed. RIP Tom. May you find peace and comfort on the other side.

I took Mary to the Dr the specialist the other day to see about her snoring.  She has to have her adenoids out.

I understand the medical reasons but I'm terrified. I had an allergic reaction to general anesthetic when I was 7 and almost died. I've turned down elective surgery for myself because of that. I have worst case scenarios running through my head. I have to book the surgery date at the end of May (we're holding off until the summer) and I'm certain I will talk myself out of it by then.  I know it's routine but I'm not confident that I have the kind of luck that makes my family 'routine' (otherwise known as good luck)  I don't have faith in things I can't control.  I'll wait, I'll talk to the Dr more and I'll decide if we're doing it when it's time to book the surgery.   These are the times when being a parent blows. I don't like decisions like this. I know in the end I'll likely do it but I'll also likely be hysterical from the time she goes in until the time she comes  home.

The good part of our trip to the Dr was that Mary and I had a 'day' together. We went to the mall, had lunch and shopped. She got a lululemon headband...and even better....she got a bag to put it in!! I swear, she was more excited about the free bag and sticker they gave her than she was about the $10 headband.  Makes me think...I should buy stuff there to get a bag and then return the obscenely expensive clothes and keep the bags my children covet. Best of both worlds, they get a bag, I spend no money!!

Love it!

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  1. Oh dear, sounds like a difficult last few days. Hugs! And I totally know what you mean about making these hard decisions. If only we could peek into the future for just a second to make sure we're making the right call! All I can say, is trust your mommy gut and best of luck!