Friday, March 11, 2011


Sean is on holiday this week. Lucky dog. Okay, not so much. For the entire week at least one of our children has been sick. It started with Mary running a fever. Then Connor had a fever and croup. Then Emily had a fever and vomiting. Good thing Sean was on holiday or one of us would have missed a lot of work.

We've had some problems lately with Mary calling home from school saying she's sick and wanting to come home and then 20 minutes after she gets home she's fine.  Yesterday the school called and said Mary was 'tired' and needed to come home. Sean and I had had enough of her crying wolf so he made her stay at school.

When Sean picked her up after school she went to bed and went to sleep. And she slept....hard.

For those who know anything about Mary she's not a sleeper. She never has been. She just doesn't need the same amount of sleep that most kids her age do. So for her to sleep so deeply at such an hour was odd.

I went in to check on her and she was out like a light. She was also hot. So I took her temperature. She slept through the whole process.

That got me thinking of Mono. She'd had a sore throat earlier in the week and now here she is in a dead sleep and feverish.

So at 6:30 last night I made her wake up (she was no happy) and took her to the after hours clinic.

The diagnosis. The early onset of pneumonia.  It's no wonder she's tired, she's not getting enough air.

So for the first time in my baby's 8 1/4 years of life, she's on antibiotics.

And Sean feels as guilty as hell for leaving her at school (though he shouldn't, I would have left her too....she cries wolf too often)

When the Dr was writing the script he asked if she was allergic to any meds. I said "I don't know, she's never had any" He stopped and looked at me. "Really?" I said "Yep, never. She's a healthy kid"

At the pharmacy the pharmacist said "Does she have any allergies to medicine?" I said "I don't know, this is her first time having antibiotics" He laughed. I said, "No, really" He looked at her with amazement and said "Is that Mary? How old is she? Wow...never had medicine"

I guess my kid a freak of nature.  

It's all good, Emily had enough meds in her first 2 years to cover the both of them...and Connor too.


  1. That's a pretty cool record for being antibiotic free! Hope she's better soon.

  2. Neither M or W have had them yet either. I hope they make it as long as Mary.