Monday, March 14, 2011

It's A Shaky World We Live In

We had an earthquake here last June. It was a 5.0.

I remember it quite clearly, mainly because we don't get a lot of earthquakes in these parts. In fact, I can only recall 6 or so.

I was on the computer, IMing a friend who lives just east of me and on the phone with Sean. Connor and the daycare babies were sleeping. The ground shook and at first I thought it was a truck going by. We live on a main street so often times big rigs go by and give the house a bit of a shake. But this shake was different in that the house creaked and moaned and there was an audible rumble. It also lasted longer than it takes a truck to drive by.

I said to Sean "Holy shit, we just had an earthquake" and typed to my friend, "Did you feel that??"

Of course it was the talk for the day after that and the lead story on the news.

It seems funny now, trivial. A 5.0 probably doesn't even get felt in places that are accustomed to having frequent and stronger earthquakes.

One of my Pumpkin Patch sisters lives in Japan. Thankfully she and her family are okay - far enough away that the earthquake and tsunami didn't cause any damage. I've been reading her frequent updates on Facebook - it's a glimpse at what is really happening there, especially with the nuclear plants. It's very scary and though for now they are safe, I pray the continue to be so.

The whole thing gets me thinking (because I don't already have enough things to be afraid of)  I live right in between two nuclear plants. Great huh? I'm in that zone where we have to fill out permission forms for our kids to be given potassium iodide in case of a nuclear emergency at schools and daycares. Fabulous.

I think this earthquake in Japan is a reminder of how perilous life is. Earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, fire, nuclear meltdown, blackout (anyone remember the blackout in 2003?) terrorist attacks.....
And my pantry is nearly empty.

Say a prayer tonight for all the people of Japan.

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