Friday, November 5, 2010

What should I believe?

No, I'm not asking any philosophical questions about religion or the meaning of life or anything deep. I'm questioning my blog counter.

See waaaaaay down at the bottom of the page...there is a counter and a map. The map tells me where people are from who are reading my blog and the counter tells me how many people have visited.

I check it every now and then, it's nice to know who's lurking. But here's the thing. When I click the map it gives me a list of cities and days that people have visited. So for instance I see my cousin visited, a few of my Pumpkin Patch friends have stopped by, I'm pretty certain one of those is my Fabric Angel, and one is my sister in law.  Then there are a few who I'm just not sure who they are.  But for the most part, besides a few local ones - I pretty well know who all those visitors are.

So, based on my map stats...I've had 4 visitors in the last 24 hours - and that includes me.

However - blogger has this nifty little stats bar now. So I can click it and get a wealth of information about where people are viewing my blog from, what type of browser they use, what posts they're reading and where the linked from.

According to Bloggers I've had 8 hits in the last day NOT including me. What's more - 5 are from Canada, 2 are from the US and 1 is from Russia.

So I wonder - why do these stats not show up on my external counter? Is it because it's an application? Is it not reliable? Should I just get rid of it? I kind of like my map with the pretty stars.

I know I shouldn't care but it's kind of interesting to see who's snooping into my blog.

And another thing - what's a girl got to do to get BONed around here? I'm crossing my fingers - if I could get BONed I could then direct all the fabulous new readers to the Papa's Pride blog and - well, you know where I'm going with that.

It's been a long week. I have a canker sore in my mouth, I'm almost done my class of wine and I'm exhausted  - hence the senseless ramble of this post.

Have a nice night.


  1. That is weird. I also have a blog counter and it's pretty concordant with what Blogger stats says. The only thing I notice with Blogger stats is that the time frame it keeps track is a bit strange and it changes to a new time block at weird times. Anyways, I am thinking many I should know this, but what the hell does BOned mean!!!? Haha

  2. Maybe I need to get a new counter then.
    BONed is Blog Of Note. (check your dashboard - it lists current Blogs of Note - I've found some really interesting blogs that way)

    Btw, LOVE your new layout.

  3. Hahaha! I knew it was gonna be something I knew but didn't know!

    Thanks, I love it too :-)